WoodCentral's video reviews

    Over the past fifty years or so, the majority of woodworkers in our hemisphere have learned most of their skills from books and magazines. Now, with the advent of affordable digital video technology, videos are beginning to assume a larger role in the presentation and distribution of woodworking information. Video has the unique advantage of incorporating sound and motion, making it the closest thing to a live seminar or lesson from an expert -- and with an added advantage: you can watch the video over and over to pick up any nuances you missed the first time around. To help you sort through the proliferation of woodworking videos and make informed purchasing decisions, WoodCentral presents this collection of short, pointed reviews of recent and classic woodworking-related DVDs and videos. We will be adding reviews on a regular basis; I hope you find them useful. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
. . . Ellis Walentine, Host