March 23, 2004 [EDITED]

Ellis: Good evening everyone. I'm pleased to welcome Roy Underhill, star of the television series, "The Woodwright's Shop," as our special guest tonight. Welcome, Roy!

Stephen: Welcome Roy

MacS: Hello Mr. Underhill

David_Barnett: Hey, Roy, Ellis

John_Weber: Hi Roy

JohnV: welcome?

JohnV: !!

Hogrider_Chris: Hi Roy

Roy_Underhill: Hello folks!

TomS: good evening all

TomS: and good evening, Roy

Ellis: Glad you could be with us tonight

Roy_Underhill: Let's whack some wood!

Tommy: Roy,

Hhundley: Hello Roy

David_Barnett: Hey there, O'deen


TomS: Okay, Roy, sounds like fun

Tommy: Roy, just want to thank you for teaching so much about how to REALLY work wood.

Ellis: Roy, I might as well start things off by asking you when you first became interested in the old ways of doing things?

Roy_Underhill: Been doing it since I was a kid growing up in the mountains of DC!

Stephen: Are half-blind or through dovetails stronger?

Roy_Underhill: Depends on who made the dovetails!

Stephen: In an ideal world which are stronger? My contention is that half blind are stronger, one more gluing and bearing surface

TomS: Roy, and as a follow-up to the question Ellis posed, what time period do you find most interesting?

Ernie_miller: Roy if society started all over again and you could only take five tools what would they be

TomS: historically, that is

Tommy: Do you sharpen all your tools or have help?

Roy_Underhill: Sharpen them all myself

Tommy: Judging from the occassional drops of blood I spy I'd say you sharpen them well. ;-)

Darrell_in_Oakville: Roy, I know the "one take" format has been the standard for the WWS, but I feel this sometimes gives old tools a poor rep. Too many 'You get the idea' things makes it look like hand tools can't cut it :-) I'd rather see bits of start/mid/end of a successful process.

Roy_Underhill: Derrell, I agree.

Roy_Underhill: I don't like the one take mode but the show has to be cheaper than bars and tone.

Roy_Underhill: Working on the 1930s right now, so its usually the period that's new. I have a new book set in 1937

Dominic_Greco: Roy, do you forge, as in blacksmithing, any of your own tools?

Roy_Underhill: I do a good bit of forging, lawnmower blade is good tool steel.

Mike_from_Suffolk: Roy, how did you get your start on PBS

mitchell: May I briefly compliment you on: Kruschev's Shoe? I think it ought to be required reading for all teachers

Roy_Underhill: Thanks for the comment on Khrushchev, glad you liked it

TedOwen: We have a pretty good thread going now on Hand Tools about metal versus wooden hand planes. Any preferences in certain situations, Roy?

Roy_Underhill: I like both metal and wood - just depends on the plane

Tommy: Roy, Are you still involved with Williamsburg?

Roy_Underhill: Just live in Williamsburg now, no longer work with CW

Jim_Shaver: Hi Roy, You have a atrong following In Canada, do you ever make it up to any of our shows?

tcaley: Unfortunately, we don't get your show anymore in Arkansas.

crackerjack: we don't get it in Maine either

Ernie_miller: Or Topeka

Dustmaker: The station in Seattle will have the show one week and not the next no reasons given

TomS: Roy, we don't get your show any more in the Dayton, Ohio area (PBS)...all we get are sewing shows...can you come and muscle our local execs some?

Roy_Underhill: Each station has the choice to run the show and it is free to them

mitchell: anything that is free tends to be devalued. charge something, please

TomS: Perhaps a phone call might help? (-:

Roy_Underhill: Yes but even when I disguise my voice they know its me

Jim_Shaver: Funny!

TomS: Well, thanks for trying.

Neal: Roy, do you have a favorite program or project? I think mine was the "Impossible Joints"

Roy_Underhill: Impossible joints was always a favorite

Stephen: Mine too!

TomS: Is the Peyton Randolph out-building completed at CW?

Roy_Underhill: Yes, Peyton Randolph is done

Ernie_miller: What are you working on this year?

Roy_Underhill: Working for TV or writing?

Dominic_Greco: Roy, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching your show. My Dad and I used to catch it on PBS back when I was younger (and had hair). I think it was one of my first real woodworking experiences.

Roy_Underhill: Thanks Dominic!

mschlesi: Are there any plans to produce season by season sets of DVDs of your show.

Roy_Underhill: DVDs are in the works but not ready yet

TomS: msc asks a great question...when do you think they may be ready DVDs?

mschlesi: That's good news. Over the years I have missed too many shows.

TheHeretic: when you do a show, on average how many copies of the piece do you have in varying stages in order to tape the show? or do you just do one and tape over multiple days?

Roy_Underhill: DVDs ready as soon as I can pull it together. Just need to finish cleaning up the hurricane damage

Ernie_miller: Let us know here when the DVD's are ready

tcaley: I hope that you can get them done soon.

JohnV: how will the DVD's be marketed?

Tommy: Are there any tools you have thet there just isn't a modern replacement for?

Roy_Underhill: As for old tools, no substitute for a bisaigue!

Stephen: when nothing else will do

crackerjack: what is a bisaigue?

JohnV: I'll bite, what's a biasaigue?

Roy_Underhill: The bisaigue is the six-foot long French framing chisel

Carole_in_VA: Are you making use of any of the trees we lost during Isabel, Roy?

Roy_Underhill: Yes busting up lots of oak and hickory

davet: Roy, have you done any shows\written about on barral making...I recently inherited a bunch of coopers tools

Roy_Underhill: Cooperage covered on a few shows, buckets and barrels, (look for them on DVD!)

davet: Thanks!

Ellis: When pitsawing on a trestle, how did the man on the trestle handle the cut at the end of the log?

Ernie_miller: Don't they saw from both ends?

Roy_Underhill: The end is not cut, you make all cuts to within a few inches of the end and then split it all apart when you are done

Dustmaker: How did they keep the sawdust ot of there shirts and other places when useing a Pit Saw

JohnV: apprentice gets the pit Mike

Stephen: large brimmed hat Dustmaker

Stephen: don't look up and keep your mouth closed

Roy_Underhill: The sawdust is green, and falls right down in front. The Eric Sloane stuff is a myth

Roy_Underhill: Eric Sloanes real name was Everard Heinricks

Stephen: Were pits or trestles more common?

Roy_Underhill: The saw pits were more common but when they fell into disuse they were cut up and sold as postholes

Sam-S: hahaha

Ellis: :-)

John_Weber: Roy, any plans to come to Indiana sometime?

Roy_Underhill: Just got back from Indianapolis yesterday

John_Weber: Wow, teaching, demo...?

Tommy: Roy, I love your books. But is there a book by anyone else about furniture making or general woodworking that you hold in high esteem?

Roy_Underhill: Have you read "The Wheelwright's Shop"? or "The Village Carpenter"

Roy_Underhill: Tommy, those are wonderful books!

Tommy: No, I don't have those...I'll add them to the list!

Ellis: How do woodwrights and housewrights differ, or overlap?

Tommy: Please tell us about the shop we see on PBS. Is it a working shop or a studio set?

Stuart: We've seen your TV shop but what about a personal shop? Do you get much time for yourself?

Roy_Underhill: There are two shops, the one you see on tv is next to a news set and the mens room

Moses_Y.: Roy, which do you prefer to use, a spring pole lathe or a treadle lathe?

Roy_Underhill: A good treadle and a good springpole late are about evenly matched and both powered by alcohol

john_lucas: I will be demonstrating on a pole lathe in early april. I'll remember the alchohol

Carole_in_VA: What type of tree do you choose for the springpole?

Dar: I have a suggestion for a future show. How about doing something on the gunmakers in England, ie. Purdy, Boss & Co or Holland & Holland? They have been making guns and gun stocks the same way for the last 200 years

Roy_Underhill: Dar thanks for the suggestion, any more ideas or talent for shows?

TomS: Roy, it seems as though every third conversation woodworkers have is about correct sharpening methods, techniques, angles, etc. Is there a secret to sharpening edge tools?

tcaley: Has Mike Dunbar been on your show?

Roy_Underhill: Did a show with Dunbar about two years ago

Ellis: What do you think of powertools, Roy?

Roy_Underhill: POWERTOOLS!!!????? Fishing with hand grenades!

Carole_in_VA: Can you say that you don't own any power tools, Roy? :-)

TomS: Carole, if he says 'yes' are you going to have a garage sale soon? (-:

Carole_in_VA: Maybe! :-)

TomS: Let me know, Carole, I'll be by....

Roy_Underhill: I have a power Macintosh

Carole_in_VA: LOL

timmy: Roy, my Dad and I have spent many enjoyable hours watching you have fun with wood. I'm glad to have the chance to thank you... BTW, always get a kick out of that darn bench dog hold down thing.. always getting loose! What's with that?!

Tommy: I've heard you roll the tape and shoot the whole show without stopping...true?

Roy_Underhill: True all one shot!

Roy_Underhill: But then the director yelled CUT and I thought he meant......

Al_C: Got that down pat, right Roy?

Mike_from_Suffolk: Roy, I understand that you are a member of RATS in Richmond, are you going to be at any of the meetings?

Roy_Underhill: I am a happy RAT, but have to stay home and answer E-mail

Ernie_miller: Can't you be like Bruce allmighty and anwser them all no?

Tommy: Any notable disasters on the show?

Roy_Underhill: Every show is like a car wreck in slow motion

Tommy: How about your own home...furnished with your work or work by others? Style?

Roy_Underhill: House filled with all the junk from the old commune

-Greg: Heh, Heh, Heh!

Roy_Underhill: All woodworking is political

Roy_Underhill: Power corrupts

Sam-S: Explain?

-Greg: I hardly think about politics when I am working wood!

Roy_Underhill: Explain what Sam

Stephen: power tools corrupt absolutely

Sam-S: All woodworking is political?

Roy_Underhill: Seriously, I think there is an ethical dimension to choosing hand tools

Neal: Oh, great, some more guilt!

TomS: and do those hand tools have to be American made?

Roy_Underhill: Guilty! Verdict first, trial later!

HowardN: Do those tools have to be old or hand made?

Ernie_miller: How do you mean ethicial? it is just mor relaxing and plesant

Roy_Underhill: Listen, I've even worked with beaver teeth crooked knives

Stephen: made with real beaver teeth?

Sam-S: I think I understand what you are saying Roy,, about the hand tools and ethics and politics

Tom_in_Syracuse: Roy, are you familiar with the Foxfire books and are you aware of any other similar collections of old lore?

Roy_Underhill: DFoxfire books are a great source

Carole_in_VA: Have you ever had any serious (hospital type) injuries from working with hand tools?

Roy_Underhill: No, never really ben hurt with hand tools, but the day ain't over yet

Tommy: How long do you plan or want to do this gig?

Dustmaker: Roy are you going to do any Road Shows with the Boss man (Ellis) at WoodWorks?

TedOwen: Roy, your enthusiasm reminds me of a young Jim Kingshott. Did you ever get an opportunity to meet him?

Roy_Underhill: Never met Jim

Darrell_in_Oakville: Roy, sash question: I tried making a sash like that on yer 'Wmsburg Window' episode and I don't know what to do at the rail/stile joint as the show was mostly about the muntin joints. Do I trim off the 'tenon' portion or cut a notch for it in the other member? I cut the notch, which I suspect is wrong...

Roy_Underhill: Darrell, maybe we'd better go after that question off line somehow

farfromislay: Do you think we are on the lead edge of a growth sport (Hand Tool WW) Roy?

mschlesi: What do you think is the state of hand tool woodworking today? Is there a resurgence?

Roy_Underhill: We are on the dawn of the age of woodworking beyond the Norm!

TheHeretic: :-)

Stephen: on the trailing edge

mitchell: what a zinger!

TomS: There is it...28 minutes into it and we get a NORM....

TomS: we should have had a pool

Roy_Underhill: My bad

Darrell_in_Oakville: sure!

Sam-S: Beyond the Norm! Did you realy say that?

Roy_Underhill: Not me

RobertTarr: I heard him not say it!!!

farfromislay: Beyond the norm... that would be mitreing the ends of a board... dilling a hole... glueing a dowel in it... stapling on a towel and tellin your kid its a sail boat... or may be one of those plywood silohettes...

-Greg: They would pick mine up...

Tommy: Gotta Go, Roy, thanks for making me a better are a class act.

Roy_Underhill: Thanks tommy

Carole_in_VA: Roy, do you think we are in a crisis as far as the lack of interest in ww (hand or power) among the kids today? Do you think the scholls will ever start putting any emphasis on those skills again?

tcaley: My 10 year old is starting to show some interest.....

Ernie_miller: My ten year old nephew is also into hand tools

Roy_Underhill: There is a crisis in schools now, Every kid should take their broad axe to school tomorrow

Ellis: Do you think they'd get past the metal detectors?

TomS: As far as the broad axe, I think the metal detectors might pick that up..

Roy_Underhill: It turns out consumers instead of craftsmen

TiO: Well, with all my dabbling I've learned to appreciate the craftsman, and I do that best by being a there's nothing wrong with consumers

mitchell: the university of michigan, under loud protest, just closed its student woodshop down after 30+ years

Dustmaker: They are not knives so they should pass

Carole_in_VA: LOL They (and their parents) would be thrown in a cell!

john_lucas: Our University closed their woodshop as well. fortunately we have the Appalachian Center for Crafts.

Dustmaker: They have been closeing the Wood Shops down on Miltary bases for the past 8 years

mschlesi: My son has take high school WW shop and I donít think he has ever seen a hand tool there.

TomS: Roy, what do you think the biggest problem is with a show like NYW?

TiO: We've had some discussion here about milk paint as a traditional finish. What are your thoughts on this?

Roy_Underhill: Milk paint is good,

Roy_Underhill: I have just learned that milk paint is bad


Roy_Underhill: No punch line, Ellis just told me. I obey

mitchell: I'll break the news to the cows

Ellis: Who, me?

TomS: Roy, back on the milk paint...did you explain why it is a bad finish?

TomS: cause I can't type and read the screen at the same time.

Carole_in_VA: Why not Tom?

TomS: Carole, I can't see the keys and screen at the same time...not good on the keys

TomS: I look down to type....

Carole_in_VA: LOL OK

Sam-S: Tom, it's just a bad subject, kinda like shellac on the finishing night :)

Roy_Underhill: Ow just cut myself

TheHeretic: Is there a particular piece (i.e. chairs, tables, chests, armouirs, etc) that you enjoy building more than others?

Roy_Underhill: Love dovetailing. Panel frame is good. Love it all

Roy_Underhill: Nobody leaves, I got a Stanley 45 and I'm not afraid to use it!

JohnV: they're re-opening them in retirement centers like Bella Vista Arkansas now

farfromislay: If it's a 55, you'd probably be the only one on the planet that could use it!

Roy_Underhill: About that twibil

Stephen: great morticing tool

Stephen: nothing like a twibil

Carole_in_VA: What the heck is a twibil?

TomS: Carole, you haven't read all of Roy's books then, have you?

Roy_Underhill: A twibil is a t-shaped morticing axe

Stephen: hatchet on one end chisel on the other

Stephen: twibil=twin bill

DavidT: Roy, On one of your shows you built a mallet using a "mystery" dovetail to join the head and the handle. I've searched the Internet to find how to make that thing with no success. Suggestions as to where to look?

farfromislay: Back in November...

Stephen: Woodworker's Journal a few years ago

Ellis: At about what point in our history did we get away from using the broadaxe to square timbers?

Roy_Underhill: We haven't. Gimme a log, an axe and a Red Bull and I'm happy all day

Ellis: How long did it take to pitsaw a 15" diameter log?

Roy_Underhill: About six inches a minute

Roy_Underhill: But it depends on the wood

Roy_Underhill: Pine a lot faster than oak. Green faster than dry

Sam-S: wow

Ernie_miller: Can we have a pit saw for the class you can put it at my house?

-Greg: How about pit sawing a 15" Mesquite log

Stephen: take a month Greg

Sam-S: I want that 15" mequite,,, where is it?

Roy_Underhill: Mesquite might be tough

-Greg: Sam we gotta talk later....

Al_C: I've got a 25"mesquite log in my turning stock right now.

JohnV: I saw one in Burnett Tx Sam

Sam-S: dab

Roy_Underhill: You can pit saw anything really

Roy_Underhill: It has been done for thousands of years

Dustmaker: I just used a little Mesquite to smoke a Salmon tonight

-Greg: Mmmmmm

Ellis: If you've just joined us, Roy Underhill is our guest. All questions are welcome.

Slim_Shavings: Roy if your working with hand tools how do you set your standard of quality compared to what they try for with machine tools today

Ernie_miller: Higher by ten fold

Roy_Underhill: I think the great masters did just fine with hand tools

Slim_Shavings: But they left backs and insides rough and mouldings weren't as perfect as machine cut. People expect that of hand tooling now days

Stephen: most people can't see the slight variations of hand work

TomS: Roy, is there one piece of furniture that stands out as the finest example ever?

RobertTarr: Roy, who do you draw from most, for inspiration?

Roy_Underhill: Thoreau

Roy_Underhill: He put a hurt on them trees

Sam-S: Now I kinda expected something like that,, and you have an incredible sence of humor too

RobertTarr: Great answer

Roy_Underhill: Welcome all

Roy_Underhill: Trees are evil and must be punished

Roy_Underhill: best quote, "They were friends with oak and iron, the grain in the wood told secrets to them." George Sturt

Ellis: Roy recreated the frame for a replica of Thoreau's Walden cabin for our AW shows a few years back.

Darrell_in_Oakville: Roy, my son (9 yrs old) wanted to know how you felt doing your first WWS episode? Nervous? Excited?

Roy_Underhill: Both, Derrell

davet: Do you use hide glue? I don't recall you using glue on your shows, but I know I've never seen a bottle of titebond!

Roy_Underhill: I use granular hide glue in a hot pot

Stephen: how do you rate liquide hide glue Roy?

Dave__Arlington__VA_: A historical question for you: were colonial cabinetmakers as fixated on sharpening their tools as much as we seem to be today?

Roy_Underhill: Sharpening is always there but not an obsession

Roy_Underhill: Good old carbon steel and an iron body makes all the difference

Ernie_miller: what was your favorite project?

Dan_D: Just a reminder: The software will dump you if you aren't typing for 10 minures or so. To prevent this, open the control panel, go to settings and click the heartbeat box. (the control panel is the little hammer)

Carole_in_VA: Do you cut all your own timber for the wood you use on the show?

Roy_Underhill: I cut most of my own and it is green then, but dries for each stage of the work - (This is important)

TheHeretic: do you have a favorite combination of woods to use on projects?

Dustmaker: Do you normally work the wood green or dry?

Roy_Underhill: The term "green woodworker" seems wrong, because it doesn't stay green

Roy_Underhill: There is a continum that works best with each tool

Roy_Underhill: Split green

Roy_Underhill: Hew green'

Roy_Underhill: Saw green

Roy_Underhill: Shave green

Roy_Underhill: Then let it dry

Roy_Underhill: A bit

Roy_Underhill: ready now for spokeshave or plane

Carole_in_VA: I know you wouldn't use a moisture meter (would you?)...can you tell just by experience when wood is ready for any given process?

Moses_Y.: Air dry only, I assume? Or is a dry kiln apropriate punishment for the trees?

TomS: Do you dimension all your lumber by hand? That is a lot of work...

Sam-S: This really is the whole key to the way you work isn't it?

Roy_Underhill: Air dry, you can tell by holding the wood to your lips how dry it is

Dar: What new topics do you have for upcoming shows?

Larry_Clinton: Heard both ways - were the old chairs constructed with green legs / dried rungs so the joints tightened?

Carole_in_VA: You kiss it? :-)

Roy_Underhill: Green dry joinery works very well.

Roy_Underhill: Yes, you kiss it. Really if it's cold its still green

-e-: ah ..

Roy_Underhill: Hi carole!

Stephen: if it is hot is is not

Al_C: Can't you just hold it against your cheek?

Carole_in_VA: Hmmm...have to try that! Neighors will know I have lost then!

Roy_Underhill: I do teach a good bit, just back from Alaska

Roy_Underhill: Which cheek?

Al_C: Left

Sam-S: lol

Carole_in_VA: ROFL

TheHeretic: only loves first kiss will work Al!!: :teeth

TomS: Carole, I've got the notion your neighbors alreads suspect.....

Roy_Underhill: Ash on your..

TiO: yeah, we had Carole from Alaska making a pole lathe for your visit

Carole_in_VA: Oh yeah...they do! A female woodworker is nuts around here!

TiO: or was it Heather from Alaska

mitchell: ah, the white ash, may it survive somewhere

tcaley: I think it was Heather....

Roy_Underhill: Yes, a great pole lathe!

Roy_Underhill: For the pole any dry pole is good, green poles for the spring don't have enough life

Roy_Underhill: Spring pole is like an archer's bow

Ellis: Do you do much building in your spare time, Roy/

Darrell_in_Oakville: "spare" time? Wassat?

Dustmaker: RoyI figure you normally work Native woods but what about exotics?

Roy_Underhill: Very few exotics, just old packing crate wood from odd places

Ernie_miller: Thanks for stopping in Roy

Roy_Underhill: Thank you Ernie

RobertTarr: Aside from your wonderful show, do you do any other teaching for guilds/classes/ groups etc.?

Ellis: If you've just joined us, Roy Underhill is our guest.

TomS: Roy, are there plans out there for the Williamsburg treadle lathe?

Dan_D: I still remember the article where you talked about dumpster diving for lathe parts with your daughter in the car when you were at her school. :-)

TomS: someone was asking about that project the other night, figured you just might know

mitchell: the best lumber is free

Ernie_miller: Any chance you are comming to the KC area any time soon?

Roy_Underhill: Yes the Williamsburg lathe is in "The Woodwright's Workbook"

Roy_Underhill: Haven't seen KC in the magic 8 ball yet

Roy_Underhill: Treadle lathes rule

Ernie_miller: Shake it again it usualy changes

Joe_Pack: Roy, you really work up a sweat, hurrying to finish a project on your show. Just how long does it typically take you to shoot a 30 minute program?

Roy_Underhill: Shaking away

RobertTarr: Please pardon the you have a website, with your teaching/show/travel schedule on it?

mitchell: are you talking about the William Walters' lathe donated by the Pollacks?

Roy_Underhill: A 30-minute show is shot in 24-minutes

TiO: ever visit Upper Canada historical site? or other sites in Canada?

Al_C: I pumped the treadle lathe at Conner Praire in Indy a few years ago for a friend to turn. It dang near killed me in 5 minutes.

TheHeretic: gotta run Roy, thanks for your time. learned a tidbit or two and left with a smile. have a good eve and stay safe


Carole_in_VA: wonder you have to do the "you get the idea" thing! 24 minutes!

Roy_Underhill: I have been to Upper Canada village, a favorite

Roy_Underhill: Thanks heretic!

Roy_Underhill: Just back from Conner Prairie

Stephen: I worked there in the 1970's

Ellis: Anyone else have questions for Roy before we have to call it a night?

Ernie_miller: What are you working on now?

Al_C: Missed you this year. Saw you last time, tho.

Stephen: I restored the old lathe

Wes: I have one

Roy_Underhill: Any one who wants to make a differenc in this with kids and tools could help the local history museum get a program going

TiO: I'll have to check that out Stephen

Wes: when are we going to see DVD's of the earlier seasons of the show?

Roy_Underhill: Just finished a woodworking novel coming out his year

Wes: please :-)

JohnV: thanks Roy & Ellis

TomS: Other than CW and Conner Praire, where is a good place to see historical crafts re-enacted?

TiO: I'll be setting up my pole lathe on my front lawn this spring...for the neighbours

Ellis: Sure, JV

Roy_Underhill: DVDs on the way but no date set

Wes: Cool!

Carole_in_VA: Thanks for joining us Roy...looking forward to those DVDs.

Dustmaker: Any place out near Seattle that does the historical stuff?

Dan_D: Let Ellis know when the are out so he can tell up

-Greg: Roy thank you! I very much appreciate your time and for being with us tonight!

Roy_Underhill: Historical crafts.... gosh they're everywhere, where are you?

davet: Thanks Roy, this has been great!

Wes: I'm a big fan of the show Roy, thanks!

Dan_D: us

Roy_Underhill: Thanks Greg!

-Greg: Good night all...

TomS: Dayton, Ohio

Ernie_miller: I'm bugging my local PBS to start aring your show

TiO: Thanks Roy, for tonight and for the education over the years

Larry_Clinton: Thanks for the education and entertainment Roy! I am a big fan of yours. Hope you come back again. Have a great week.

RobertTarr: Thanks for making a diffenence and being a great teacher!

Roy_Underhill: Thanks all!

Sam-S: Thanks Ellis for making this happen,, and Roy,, hurry back now y'hear

Roy_Underhill: Will do

John_Weber: Thanks Roy

TomS: Good night...and thanks for the entertainment/education

Stephen: Thanks Roy

AndyL: Thanks for taking the time Roy it was an enjoyable night.

mschlesi: Roy it has been a real pleasure. Keep up the great work. Your shows have been an inspiration.

Dustmaker: Thanks Roy and Ellis

Ellis: It's my pleasure. Roy, it's been great having you here with us.

Ernie_miller: Thanks All this was great

Wes: Ellis, is this chat going on to the website in transcript?...I missed most of it

Bjorn__Redmond_-_WA: Thanks Roy & Ellis! This was great

Neal: Roy, thanks for everything

Wes: is that possible?

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: me too

TomS: Ellis, thanks for putting this, and the other chats, together

HowardN: Thanks Roy!! It was great having you here.

TomS: these are good events...

Scott_in_Eastern_Iowa: Thanks Roy...please come again !!!

Roy_Underhill: And remember... Just say NO to power tools!

Dar: Thanks it was great hearing from you

Ernie_miller: Roy any bets on what the new LV plane will be next week?

-e-: :>)

Roy_Underhill: Thank you!

Stephen: just say no thank you

larry_g: Thanks Roy!

Scott_in_Eastern_Iowa: I say scraper Ernie

Wade: Thanks, Roy

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: Roy, do you ever stop in at WoodCentral to check things out?

Al_C: Standing ovation to you, Roy.

Ernie_miller: No low angle

Roy_Underhill: The new LV Roy Underhill autograph model with the compass in the stock

Dustmaker: I need a Power Mower so I can spend more time in the shop. Is that OK?

crackerjack: Thanks Roy and please come back for another chat

Paul_Regan: Thank you Roy and thank you Ellis!

TomS: Scott, I thought they already had a scraper...I'd guess something along a #62

Scott_in_Eastern_Iowa: hmmm......well it was just a wild guess.......

RobertTarr: Maybe a LV jointer...still waiting on somebody to produce a decent router...

TomS: Same here....I don't follow it too close

Ernie_miller: I got the 112 for christmas it's great

TomS: I like the old ones...

John_Weber: Roy, Any comments on the new tool makers (Lie Nielsen, Clifton, Lee Valley)?

Ernie_miller: Old rules but when you can't find them in the rust pile

mitchell: I know I'll think of the perfect question tomorrow

TomS: John, for me, I'm sure the LV s are great tools, I just don't like the aesthetics of them...

Scott_in_Eastern_Iowa: I got some oak to make into some sawdust before bedtime....g'nite all.........

TomS: mitchell, post it tomorrow, we'll have a great time thinking of what the answer might have been

Dustmaker: Roy what wood do you dislike the most to work with?

Roy_Underhill: Love 'em all, love to support em.

John_Weber: Nice...

Ernie_miller: I need to also but I'm not the type to leave a party befor it's over. Have a Rockin Good Evening!!!

Wade: Roy, do you follow SAPFM any?

RobertTarr: Have a great week everyone!

Roy_Underhill: They meet here in town, but I am often gone

TomS: Roy, when you sharpen edges, are you a slave to a particular bevel angle?

Roy_Underhill: No slave, just depends on the steel and the wood

John_Weber: Any plans to teach or have you ever taught at the Marc Adams school near Indy?

Ernie_miller: I can't see him as a slave to any thing

TomS: 'cause I'm either the laziest or dumbest tool sharpener in long as it is close, I'm content

Roy_Underhill: Some steel can take a more acute angle

Roy_Underhill: paring is less hard on a narrow edge than morticing

jvs: another peanut gallery member signing off for bed--thanks, roy, and 'night, all!

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: Roy, do you put micro bevels on bevel up irons like block planes?

Roy_Underhill: Yeah, time for me to get a beer

Mike_from_Suffolk: Goodnite all, I have to teach some submarine courses tomorrow morning

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: darn

JohnP: It's been a fun evening. Thanks Roy. Night all.

TomS: Thanks, Roy

Wes: I have to go...but I just wanted to say how much your show has meant to me

Roy_Underhill: Joe, no microbevel - but micro brew...

Wes: I have been watching it for most of my life

Roy_Underhill: Thanks wes!

Wade: I usually go with whiskey for these chats, but beer is good too.

TomS: Roy, you going down to Chowings for a brew?

Dustmaker: Alskan Amber

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: :-)

Ernie_miller: I guess I am going to go cut some dove tails for the bench tool chest

Roy_Underhill: Alaskan Amber!

Ellis: I'm gonna go hew me some timbers.

Roy_Underhill: Tom, meet you there

Dustmaker: Just had one

Wes: it a true inspiration , and a great history lesson, every episode

Dustmaker: getting another I will pass one your way hold on

TomS: It'll take me about 14 go ahead and order

Joe_in_Lakewood__Ohio: Thanks Ellis and Roy.

Roy_Underhill: Thanks all!

Ellis: Roy has agreed to come back again soon.