WoodCentral "Editors Chat Series"

Managing Editor, The Fine Tool Journal

June 1, 2004

Ellis Welcome everyone to this evening's special guest chat with Clarence Blanchard, editor of the Fine Tool Journal. And welcome to you, Clarence. Thank you for joining us tonight.
Agee How far from Portland are you Clarence. I work up there fairly often.
Clarence_Blanchard 23 miles or 8 miles from LL bean
Mike_G A question...I have a C.S. inclinometer...how's the best way to restore the markings on the wooden dial?
Clarence_Blanchard very hard to do much with retoring wood rule markings
Mike_G i guess marking new one's would diminish the value of the tool?
Ellis Clarence, could you please tell us about the Fine Tool Journal. What is your magazine about?
Stephen Any Relation to Thomas Blanchard?
Clarence_Blanchard the FTj covers vintage hand tools that is most any tool before 1970-ish. We do history, study that sort of thing.
Ellis I'm also interested in finding good old tools that I can use. Where is the best place to look?
Clarence_Blanchard Remarking would effect value negitively
Mike_G thnx
Agee Clarence,I think my wife has talked to you more than me! Thanks for the deals on the LN planes and DT saw.Whenever holidays & birthdays roll around she orders a new tool for me!
Ellis Is there a place that we can find current values for collectible tools online?
tcaley I have had good luck at estate sales finding old tools. You have to get there early though.
Stephen if the remarking can be reversable, that is acceptable?
Mike_G guess I won't mess with it then
tcaley sometimes the prices can be kind of high though.....
Ellis Agee, tell your wife to talk to mine. :-)
Clarence_Blanchard Not a good source for value on or off line. Too much to know.
Ellis So, to be a knowledgeable collector, you need to immerse yourself in the marketplace?
Mike_G i guess it's more a matter of what knowledge you have and some intuition
Agee Simple Ellis,I pick em out & she calls Clarence & orders them!
Clarence_Blanchard Value is more a fuction of what you get. And quality is no longer inexpensive
Ellis I wonder if Ebay is the bottom line.
Mike_in_Mystic Are there one or two best or essential books that provide good foundations or information for valuing old/antique tools?
Clarence_Blanchard Oh thanks to all the wives
Ellis Agee, you are a blessed man. Congrats.
Agee That I am Ellis
Ellis :-)
Clarence_Blanchard The best move, if you will, is to look for quality; then value will fall into place once you know the common stuff.
Mike_G Moves might come in handy at the Flea when you and a buddy are racing for the same tool...lol
Ellis What about the old classic Stanley price books.
jimc Clarence, any noticeable trends changes in collecting right now, say away from Stanley towards patented tools or more primitive stuff?
Agee I have had a hard time finding any old planes,chisels etc near Charlotte,NC
Clarence_Blanchard The Anitque Trader price guide we just published is a good source but it deals with only the best.
Mike_G we live in tool hell don't we Agee?
Agee Most of the time when I find a nice old plane it is usually priced out of site! Yeh MikeG,unless you need big industrial production machinery
Clarence_Blanchard Trends today are generally upward in all areas. Patented market is great, Stanley is strong particularly when condition comes into it, and wood is doing better
Ellis Clarence, what about the traffic in infill planes?
Ellis Hi Andy
Mike_G yep...like i saw this weekend...an old wooden jointer with no blade and priced at 90.00
Clarence_Blanchard Tools were never cheap and old tools are often cheaper than the new.
Ellis With no blade???
Mike_G nope
Clarence_Blanchard Infills are tough now with the pound where it is.
Mike_G and a hand auger for 75.00 and a small hand clamp for 75.00, also
Agee It seems to me that in any type of collecting,the highest quality and condition items will always be the best bet in the long run from an investment standpoint
Ellis I'd like to grab a couple transitional planes, Clarence. Where would you suggest I look?
Mike_G for sure Agee
Clarence_Blanchard $90 for a jointer is not a high price. It must be someone who does not know what they are doing. Don't make it two big mistakes.
DavidB In Patrick Leach's woodpile, Ellis... he swears he burns them.
Ellis My old favorite plane was my trusty foreplane, with a transitional setup.
Ellis I ought to check that out, David. If he has convincing evidence, I need to know.
DavidB heh
Clarence_Blanchard If you can get to a local tool meet or one of the national meets, that is a great place to buy user tools. Not many looking for them
Agee Clarence, do you see an increase in the "user" hand tool market? It seems like a lot of wwrs are getting into handtools more in recent times.
Mike_in_Mystic I live in New England - is there some kind of "insider list" of antique shops/dealers that have good woodworking stuff in this area?
Stephen transitional planes have a center of gravity problem
Clarence_Blanchard Burning any old tool is not cool.
Ellis I know, Stephen, but I had that ol plane tuned so sweetly. I miss it.
Ellis Gives you nightmares, eh, Clarence?
tcaley I lost a lot of my dad's old handplanes when my first shop burned down.
Mike_G i lost all my tools in a fire...now i have more than i did before
Stephen a well tuned plane of any material is a sweet thing
Clarence_Blanchard For years I have been asked the question where to look. And the only real answer is putting in the miles and burning the gas. At $2 a gallon, mail order is cheaper.
Ellis That's what it comes down to.
Ellis Good advice, Clarence.
Ellis So, are there more collectors or users out there, Clarence?
Agee Clarence,I was in Boston a little while back and had the local TV station on. I usually have the TV on for background noise while working in my hotel at night.....Your name came up and I looked up and there you were!
Mike_in_Mystic hmmm. i guess I was just thinking of something analagous to a wine trail - but for antique tools, see what I'm getting at? I pop into places from time to time, but it's usually full of furniture and flour tins - not tools
Mike_G i hope to be able to afford dealer's prices one of these days, but now for me, Ebay's the way to go
MournSword You guys need to be in Ohio, tools (and about everything) are pretty cheap in general.
Clarence_Blanchard Yes, I see more users coming into the old tool world. Actully users and collectors are growing more apart.
MournSword Especially the last few auctions I went to.
Agee I check the antique stores in NC from time to time but the prices are always way to high.
Mike_G i missed an auction this weekend because of work
AndyL Ellis, as I don't know the (Stanley??) transitioanl #'s any ideas of which you are looking for?
Clarence_Blanchard The collectors can not find the tools users want so that market has dried up some.
Mike_in_Mystic i've done alright on Ebay - but it is a very frenetic experience. I think the process of going and picking up the tool and haggling would be more satisfying :)
Mike_G a friend told me the tools went dirt cheap
tcaley Antique stores in Arkansas are the same way. Too high priced and usually all rusty...
Mike_G and this guy had a garage full
Ellis Some days you eat the bear, Mike_G. :-)
Mike_in_Mystic rust = character, right??:-)
Mike_G yep
Mike_G lol
MournSword For example, I just bought a 12" wood lathe, all parts there, with a 1.5 HP motor and an on/off switch, fully functional even with a belt, total cost $85.00
Mike_G it's not rust...it's "patina"
Agee There are a couple of guys on another website that buy planes, recondition them as users, and sell them for a pretty fair price.
Ellis I think that if you are knowledgeable, you can find and make the best deals.
tcaley sometimes, but then sometimes they are just too far gone...... Mike_in_Mystic
DavidB A lot of it's regional. When I lived in Northampton/Amherst, MA... mention you like old tools to your neighbor, and he'd likely as not bring you a box of stuff. Florida? I don't bother.
Ellis Clarence also runs Brown's auction in Harrisburg every fall. What about that, Clarence?
tcaley There here in Arkansas, but you really have to work for them.
Mike_in_Mystic I have a sister near there.......road trip
Stephen I have a nice old plane I would like to sell Clarence
DavidB Of course, both of those towns had planemakers; Kellog, etc.
Mike_G i did luck up a couple of years ago...found 2 large tool chests full of patternmakers and woodworking tools at one yard sale...paid 500.00 for both of them
Agee Clarence, is there a market for old mechanics tools? wrenches etc?
Ellis I have always wanted to have the time and the budget to collect tools.
Clarence_Blanchard You may not want to think old tools and cheap at the same time. A good tool is worth a few bucks and cheap tool may always be cheap.
Mike_in_Mystic how much time and $$ did it take for you to get started, Clarence? or was it a gradual process? (do you do this full time?)
Ellis That makes sense. Quality always costs more
Clarence_Blanchard Wrenches have a following, but for every good wrench a hundred $2 ones exist.
Jhnp are small towns good places to look for old tools?
Clarence_Blanchard The first thing is to spend about 10 years learning tools inside out. It takes a lot of time to understand and know all the different areas.
tcaley What about tools still in original sealed packaging. Are they a good value?
Stephen W.W.Richie - Louisville Kentucky coffin smoother
Mike_G rulers seem to be a hot item these days
Mike_G especially the combo rulers
Agee Clarence,what are the "holy grails" in ww tools that you would like to personally like to own?
Jhnp why do you want to sell it, Stephen?
Stephen it is apparently rare
Clarence_Blanchard Tools in the box can be worth double or triple the unboxed price. Hardware store new is the condition you want if you collect
Mike_G like that SW 45 someone found in the company safe last year?
tcaley I recently found five Yankee 43 drills still in sealed condition.
tcaley I know that they arent very old, but there not made anymore either.
Crackerjack What exactly is the Fine Tools journal? I'm not familiar with it.
Clarence_Blanchard The 45 is a user tool so the value is more or less fixed.
Mike_in_Mystic http://www.finetoolj.com/
Clarence_Blanchard Thanks. That answers the question faster than my typing.
Mike_in_Mystic The "Fine Tool Journal" is the single most comprehensive resource on hand tools available in the world! Share the fascination of learning about hand tools - their history, their use, their beauty, their value. Whether you collect hand tools, use them, or just study their history, let "Fine Tool Journal" help expand your enjoyment horizon. Power tools have their place, but hand tools keep you in touch with the sense of the wood, and the tradition and history of the craft. Our sole purpose is to spread knowledge of hand tools of all trades and crafts, with the primary focus on woodworking.
Mike_in_Mystic there :) hehe
Ellis Yow, Mike. Nice post! Thanks.
Ellis Fine Tool Journal is like the heartbeat of the collector market
Clarence_Blanchard Rules have moved in value but condition is everything. A worn rule might measure up but not more.
tcaley did you type that or cut and paste?
Crackerjack Cool,thanks I think I got it
Ellis Inquiring minds want to know.
Agee What are the best museums on the East Coast to see the history of fine tools?
Clarence_Blanchard But more than 40% of the readers are users.
Mike_in_Mystic what do you think??? hehe (me be quick with a mouse)_
Stephen Mercer Museum in PA
Ellis That is a nice balance, Clarence.
Mike_G kind of like tool porn
Stephen Winterthur, the Dominey Collection
Agee Where in PA Stephen?
DavidB Right, Mike. My copies over the years induced more hot flashes and drool than a stack of Playboys.
Stephen Doylestown?
Ellis Twenty miles south of me.
Agee Winterthur is in Delaware isn't it?
Clarence_Blanchard Most US museums have a few tools but not a good showing. Not real tool places.
Jhnp yes, Agee
Mike_G mine too DavidB
Ellis Are there any museums that have a good selection, well catalogued?
Clarence_Blanchard I think we have a new aproach to sell the FTJ
Stephen Yes near Wilmington in the Brandywine Valley
tcaley kind of like a Holtley or Anderson plane? Talk about tool porn.
Agee I agree Clarence.I travel the E Coast every week and have been in some fine museums and seen lots of great furniture but the tools usually are a side exhibit if at all.
Mike_G how's that clarence?
Mike_G the Charleston Museum has a nice display of tools
Clarence_Blanchard Tool Porn sound like beginning of a great pitch.
Stephen The Smithsonian has some good tools
Ellis So, the best shot you can find would be at the Brown Auction?
Stephen Sturbridge Village, Williamsburg
Mike_G feel tree to use it
Agee I love tool porn.The last LN flyer with the whole collection was great. I'd buy that in poster form if it was available!
Ellis Right, but does anyone really catalogue them from the user's point of view?
Ellis Tom just sent me that poster, Agee. If I'm thinking of the same thing...
Stephen Plymouth Plantation
DavidB Yeah, but Clarence is right... what's missing is the large systematic comparative collections well-cataloged and curated.
Mike_in_Mystic I have to get going - thanks for taking the time Clarence! :-)
tcaley I've been trying to find the Studley tool poster but can't find one. One sold recently on the bay for 125.00.
Mike_G see ya mike
Clarence_Blanchard Sturbridge and Williamsburg both have tools but more as living displays than real tool set ups. It was not long ago that Williamsburg had Stnaley wood bottoms in 18th c settings.
Stephen Now they have Clark & Williams
AndyL STOP teasing Ellis!!
Mike_G was that before or after Roy Underhill?
Stephen lol Mike
Ellis uh, can't help myself... :-)
Clarence_Blanchard Roy has been around since money was silver and the #1 was $250
Mike_G dang...that's a long time...lol
Agee I was at Williamsburg recently.It was a lot of fun. I saw mostly C&W planes. I also asked them about the Clifton shoulder plane laying on the bench. Must have been a very EARLY one hehe...
Ellis He has definitely been a strong influence.
Stephen lol
Ellis ar ar
Stephen at least they make an effort
Ellis Clarence, do you see values going down or up in the future?
Clarence_Blanchard Have not been to Williamsburg for a while. Sorry to hear they have gone backwards.
Stephen there are more involved programs in different parts of the country
AndyL Is anybody here planning to go to Akron in June? It's only a 3hr drive from here
Crackerjack Sturbridge that you mention,is that Sturbridge ,Mass.?
Mike_G my wife's been watching some show on PBS where some people live like they did back in the early 1700's...using the same tools
Ellis Is that the MWTCA meet?
AndyL Yep, Ellis
Stephen yes cj
Agee One of the most interesting things at Williamsburg was the 8 ft deep pit designed for sawing logs into rough lumber...
Ellis I would go if it were that close.
Mike_G how far from greenville?...5 hours?
Clarence_Blanchard Tool values have been strong despite the market. Right now is the time to buy. Things are getting hard to find and prices are moving upward.
Crackerjack I was there last summer. They are understaffed
Agee Colonial House...was fun to watch ,but a few of the characters were really annoying!
AndyL I'll probably run out of money and dehydrate in the parking lot...
Ellis You need to have to be like a pit bull to pit saw, Agee. I wouldn't last an hour.
Agee me neither Ellis. I would have hated to be the one in the pit!
Mike_G just need to work yourself into it Ellis...lol
Stephen the tillerman had the worst job
Ellis That only stands to reason, Clarence. Do you see any particular trends in demand? Chisels? Planes?
Stephen the pit man just needed to keep his head down and his mouth shut
Mike_G he's the one who got the face full of dust
Mike_G oh...the tillerman's on top?
Ellis My wife used to say that to me, Stephen. :-) (Just kidding - hope she doesn't read this.)
DavidB Clarence, apart from woodworking, are tools from other early crafts getting more interest lately? Such as cordwaining, silversmithing, and so on?
Stephen yes, he had to lift the saw up and keep it straight
Clarence_Blanchard Not really by item. Planes are king and the other stuff fills in around them. An article about an item gives a sort boost in interest
Ellis Yes, and does the FTJ deal in other kinds of old tools?
Clarence_Blanchard Yes we cover all tools. The other trades do not have the following that wood has. Interest comes and goes; leather is most likely the second best.
Ellis What is the circulation of the Fine Tool Journal?
Mike_G circulation might go up after tonight
Ellis Maybe another question is how many people are into tool collecting versus tool using?
Stephen do you pay for articles?
Agee I recently went to a great used bookstore in Boston with an outdoor alley full of used bargains.Got a great book on colonial crafts for $3.It seems that furniture making was big but silversmithing was the road to fortune. Are any of their tools collectible and still around?
Ellis Yeah, especially if they lead to fortune. :-/
Stephen or is it a house organ?
Clarence_Blanchard Never meet a user that was not a collector. Got to have one more tool just in case that special job comes along.
Mike_G lol...yep clarence
Ellis Gotcha.
Clarence_Blanchard We have about 3000 readers. And have had record mailing the last 3 issues.
Mike_G nice clarence
Agee With three kids,I tend to be more of a user and a wannabe collector!
Ellis It's a nice magazine.
DavidB Hahaha... I'll never admit to collecting. Not even if you use a minty "Tom Thumb Factfinder" screw on me.
Mike_G me either...then i wouldn't be able to justify new tool purchases
Ellis Using and collecting have always seemed separate to me.
Agee I'm still using the "honey I need a new tool if you want that done" excuse.It has pretty much worn itself out though.
Mike_G yep
Mike_G i might have an in...wife's become interested in using some of my tools
Clarence_Blanchard All a wood worker needs a pile of wood and a jack knife. More than that makes you a collector.
tcaley I've gone from 0 to about 20 handplanes in the last two years. No problem here....
Mike_G i can always...buy yer own...lol
Ellis What is the best way to find out what a tool is worth, Clarence?
Agee Me too Ellis.I used to "collect" vintage guitars.I pretty much "use" ww tools these days.(and it's much cheaper than collecting guitars!)
Clarence_Blanchard The best way is send me a photo. Must tools are of low value and getting beyond them is the trick. Need to know the bottom end first.
Agee How about luthier tools Clarence?
Ellis Clarence, what about joining a tool club?
Clarence_Blanchard All instrument maker's tools are great. The planes are best. You don't see many as only a few were in the trades.
Mike_G like MWTCA?
Ellis It's nice having Bill Phillips a half hour away.
Clarence_Blanchard Mid West Tool Collector meets are great and you will see more tools in 3 days than in a 100 shops.
Mike_G too bad they're so far away
Ellis When will the Brown Auction be this year, Clarence?
Clarence_Blanchard Bill is a great source. And he is recovering nicely from the operation.
Ellis His collection is amazing.
Clarence_Blanchard Brown is Oct 23
Ellis Hey, I may actually be able to make it this year.
Stephen Ever seen the Ray Wilson Collection in Indianapolis?
Mike_G i'd like to, but probably only to drool...lol
Clarence_Blanchard We have a great line up and some tools you will not see again for a long time. Also the show the day before is a nice source for user stuff
Ellis Clarence, you might want to stop by our Hand Tool board now and then. There are some wonderful discussions about tools.
Ellis So, Thursday is the best day for users?
Mike_G and some knowledgable people, too
Clarence_Blanchard Hey, I do that. This is my first short at a chat room as you can see.
Ellis You are doing just fine, Clarence.
Ellis Personally, I like a conservative pace.... whatever suits everyone best
Ellis Hello, Jim
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario Fell asleep in the chair or I'd of seen you all earlier
Clarence_Blanchard One thing we have add to the FTJ is new tool reviews by Chris Schwarz. He is doing a great job and LN chisels are next.
Mike_G Clarence, someone asked if FTJ solicits articles...or is it an in house thing/
Agee I saw Chris's post today that he was writing for you.
Clarence_Blanchard We purchase about 50% of the articles we print. Always looking so give me a call.
Stephen a number?
Mike_G thanks Clarence
Ellis Clarence, loaded question: Do you think L-N planes are superior to their Stanley and Bailey counterparts?
DavidB Ha, speaking of calls, I just remembered Clarence once returned a call several years ago and my friend took the call and introduced him as Clarence Thomas. Now that I've seen the photo Ellis posted, I have to say you don't really look much like him.
Ellis Whew. Close call. :-)
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario I have a old brass and ebony or teak marking gauge maked JW PEST__LL any idea if that is someone's name or a maker's mark?
Clarence_Blanchard I remember that. And we both could not be GGTOW.
DavidB Yeah... I'll never let him live it down, haha.
Agee I have an idea for an article,not centered around collecting,but the love of a fine tool. I used to work in motorsports and we had all of the latest tools.....but there was this one old no name wrench that fit my hand perfectly that I always went to.The crew used to laugh at me about my old wrench.I'd like to hear stories of that one tool that people always "went to"
Clarence_Blanchard A lot of people are looking for parts. Most of the parts have to come from other old tools. A few have turned up at hardware stores and the like but most come off broken or "junk" tools. That tends to make getting parts expensive and quite hard. It is best to buy things complete. The only parts we deal in regularly are bench plane blades and those for the 45. We did purchase a large lot of original 45 parts from the Canadian factor years ago and have been selling them.
Ellis You're beyond salvation, Agee.
Mike_G just like an old shirt
Clarence_Blanchard One tool makes an article.
Stephen Do you have a number at which we can call you Mr. Blanchard?
Mike_G i need several cutters for my type 7 45
Clarence_Blanchard 800-248-8114
Stephen Thank You
Agee Come on Ellis,I bet everyone here has a favorite tool that they love to use, be it a collector, new,or just an old dog. I'd like to hear about them!
Clarence_Blanchard We most likely have the cutters you need in new old stock. Give us a call or email and we will send you the list.
Clarence_Blanchard I must say I do not do much WW now but I did like the Stanley 140 skew block plane.
Ellis Yeah, that's what I would like, too, Agee. The mystery and mystique are big dimensions for me.
tcaley I keep going back to my SW era number 4 plane.
Ellis How do the LN tools compare to the antiques?
Agee Sometimes your favorite tool dictates how you ww, even if ther might be a better or faster power tool way,right?
Crackerjack faster but never better
Ellis That's a tough call, Agee. The reason to use a planer is because you don't want to waste the muscle power to plane it with your #7 or #8
Clarence_Blanchard LN makes some great tools and comparing the two is a yes and no answer. The bench planes by LN are better: thicker irons, heavier cutters, true and flat. The other planes are much closer to equal, and price becomes more of a factor. An original 164 is worth $4000 while an original scrub plane is about 2/3 of the LN. The edge trimming planes are about equal in price and user quality. The 140 skew block is cheaper in an original but no fence, but on the other hand I have never had call to use the fence. So, pick and choose is the real answer.
Mike_G thnx again Clarence
Agee I can't speak for all the LN planes, but my LN 62 (with several blades ground at different cutting angles) is an ABSOLUTE JOY to use. My wife bought it from Clarence for me.
Clarence_Blanchard Thanks Mike
Mike_G grand daughter just brought a mud turtle home,,,had to fix a terrarium for it
Ellis Sounds like you're sold, Agee :-)
Clarence_Blanchard Yes and at a good price I might add!
Ellis You might add.......:-)
Ellis So do you collect yourself, Clarence?
Agee Speaking of price Clarence....yours are the best I have found on LNs if every one here didn't know already.
Clarence_Blanchard Stanley by the numbers. A user that escaped.
Clarence_Blanchard And with free US shipping.
Ellis Put me on the plane of the month club list.
Mike_G speaking of users...i think i missed my auction...lol
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario We Canadians always get exlucted on the free shipping
Clarence_Blanchard No, it is this weekend. The FTJ absentee auction ends Sunday night at about 2am.
Ellis I am debating whether to buy old Bedrocks or new LN planes. Sounds lilke you prefer the LN bench planes. But Bedrock user planes are less than half the price. What do you say? Can an old Bedrock be made to work like a Swiss watch?
Agee Clarence,I was dead set on getting a LN 4 1/2 next, but the 62 with different irons ground at 45,50,& 55 have made me think again.I just can't imagine much better performance!
Ellis There oughta be a law, Jim.
Clarence_Blanchard Bed Rocks are great planes, but at the same price, the LN will outdo them, so I leave the choice of which to buy to you.
Mike_G something i saw at an online auction
Stephen some old British wooden clocks work as good as the metal Swiss movements
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario I am glad to hear you think LN are better
Ellis I can get Bedrocks for less. Should I be investing in them?
Clarence_Blanchard The 62 is great but every plane is just a bit better for a certain task so...
Mike_G thast's why there's so many of them...:)
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario Ellis I have replaced the irons in all my bedrocks made a 1/8 inch thick blade for the 608 filing the throat out and have come to the conclusion that the LN are still better
Ellis And, to change the subject somewhat, if you are amenable, ... what are the old chisel brands to look for at flea markets?
Clarence_Blanchard Bed Rocks are strong but most of the power is from users and that can shift. Investment may not be as solid in BR as some other areas. But they are still great user planes.
Mike_G gotta be Charles buck, S.J. Addis and butcher's
Agee FWIW, I travel 3-5 days a week.I would love to have time to recondition old Stanleys and fettle them into great working order.But reality is that I get a little time each week in the shop.My LNs have saved time for me by being almost perfect out of the box.I then spend time woodworking!
gtools Greenlee..............always good metal......
Stephen Spears & Jackson
Stephen Swan
DavidB I've gotta go, but I did want to mention that even though I don't collect, FTJ has been a great reference and inspiration for the handtools I've made over the years. I gotta re-up my subscription. Thanks Clarence, Ellis. Night, all.
Stephen Peter Stubbs
Ellis See you David
Clarence_Blanchard Most old chisels were made by a few makers and many are great. Problem is more what has been done to the temper over the years.
Ellis Clarence, I'd like to thank you for being here with us tonight
Clarence_Blanchard Was fun. And great to be here. Thanks
Jim_in_Burlington_Ontario Thank you
Ellis It has been our pleasure to have you with us in the guest chat seat. We'll archive this chat so future visitors can find out about you and your fine magazine.
Agee Yes, thanks so much Clarence! My wife will be calling you with my next order.....
Crackerjack I enjoyed this. I'll be checking out your magazine.
tcaley Thanks Clarence and Ellis.
Ellis Folks, thank you all for joining us tonight.
Clarence_Blanchard Thanks all and good night.
Crackerjack Thank you Ellis
Ellis Best to you all. You are most welcome