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    Welcome to WoodCentral's Badger Pond article archive. Here, thanks to Wayne Miller, founder of Badger Pond, is the entire article and review collection, along with several FAQ articles and worthwhile downloads, from that highly-respected website. These articles are re-published here in their original form. They reflect the opinions of their authors and not necessarily those of WoodCentral or Badger Pond. No changes, additions or corrections will be made.
    Note that several of the articles are in Adobe Acrobat (PFD) format. Chances are that your computer already has the required Adobe Acrobat Reader software necessary to open them, but if not, you can download the Reader free from Adobe's website.

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NOTE: To download these programs,
right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..."
  • Arc Layout Program
    Excel 97 spreadsheet
  • Board Foot Calculator
    by David Lykins
    An Excel spreadsheet which calculates board feet from user input. Requires MS Excel.
  • Cabinet Design Program
    By Jay Heil
    An Excel spreadsheet program which designs all kinds of cabinets. Even does cost estimates based on raw material costs and labor costs. Please address questions to
    Jay Heil. Zipped Excel file 412k
  • Compound Miter Angles
    by Robert Wilkerson
    Excel spreadsheet for figuring compound miter angles. (MS Excel file in ZIP format, requires MS Excel and a program to unzip ZIP files).
  • Cove Cutter 1.0
    By Tony Leonard
    Requires VBRUN300.DLL
    Visual Basic program which helps you calculate blade height and cutting angle for making cove cuts on a table saw. 132k
  • Polygon Angle Program
    Do you find that those tables of saw angles for compound miter setups never seem to have the numbers you want -- like for that 7-sided polygon with steeply sloping sides? Do sine and cosines give you a headache that reminds you of why you hated trigonometry class in high school? If so, this Windows95/98 program might be for you. It calculates the proper angles for polygons having 3 to 16 sides and side slopes from 0 to 60 degrees. It also shows you graphically what you need to cut and will even print out a drawing for you to take to the shop. Self-installing executable, 800k
  • Raised Panel Calculator
    by Mike Bon
    Excel spreadsheet. Does all the calculations for raised panels, produces a rudimentary diagram and a cut list. All you do is to enter in the quantity and the outside dimensions Please address questions to
    Mike Bon
  • Wood Movement Calculator
    by Larry Marker
    A program to calculate wood movement due to temperature and humidity changes. Covers many exotic and domestic species of wood. Please address questions to
    Larry Marker. Zipped binary file 460k

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