Virutex EB-10 edgebander
by John Weidner

Iíve only had my Virutex EB-10 edgebander for a few weeks, so think of this as being not quite a review.

The EB-10 is a hot-air edgebander plus edge trimmer. it costs $2,950. Itís part of a series which includes the EB-15 and 25, which are more expensive, and have stands and power feeders. I much prefer to build my own stands, but I may add a power feeder later.

I liked the machine immediately. It was easy to set up, very solid and sturdy, and the first scrap I banded looked pretty good. A little adjusting and I was in business. The edges are trimmed nicely, except for a thin line of glue left on. (Perhaps Iím not doing it quite right, Iíve been too busy to find out.) I bought it to help me in a very large project, filling a bookstore with shelves and counters. This machine is saving my life!

My only complaint is the scanty documentation. I guess itís the usual story, the people who are comfortable with machines are klutzes when it comes to writing; and people who can write donít mess with machines. This hasnít actually been a problem, except that the manual didnít even mention that you need to buy a 220v extension cord and wire it into a European adapter. that was confusing.

If the American distributors were smart they would write down all the questions people ask, plus their answers. Then they would soon have a nice body of documentation for their customers.

The EB-10 doesnít trim the ends of the tape, but that is easily done with a hand-held end trimmer. So far Iíve only used it with pre-finished plywood and tape, but since pre-finished edgebanding is hard to use, I feel confident that this machine will handle other types without problems. Itís just noisy enough to make earplugs preferable.



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