New Altar
This new altar demanded my finest work.

SHOP OWNER: Jack Guzman
Newfield, ME

    My friend and fellow Catholic Knight who is also a carpenter, like myself, came by for a visit on Thanksgiving. The reason for his visit was that the Pastor of our church approached him and asked if he could build a new altar for the church. He needed a taller one because his back suffered from having to bend over the current one so much. My friend wanted to know if I would help him design and build it. I was stunned but of course I said yes. I was brought up believing the church’s altar was sacred and not to be treated lightly. As a kid I wouldn't dream of touching it but here I was going to build one!
New Altar
    We had a few basic measurements and a sketch of what the pastor generally wanted it to look like. After drawing up tentative plans I built a model to show to the pastor for approval. Once we got the approval we got to work.I prepped all the stock and did all the joinery and assembly. My friend did the cross inlays, the fluting, and all the finish work. He had the top built by a veneering company (I had no control over that decision). They did an excellent job.
New Altar
    We did final assembly together and, recruiting other Knights, we put it in its new home .The pastor was pleased and we got a lot of favorable feedback from other parishioners.
    The level of difficulty involved in this build was not real high. I use much more skill in building my Windsor chairs. The reason I rate this so high is because I knew there would be a huge spotlight on my work. Any minor flaws are up there for all to see for many years.
. . . Jack Guzman


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