Maple Four-Poster Bed
Build a warm budget-minded four-poster.

SHOP OWNER: Bryan Cowing
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

    When I decided to build a new queen-size bed frame for our daughter, I went back to a plan I'd saved from a 1995 woodworking magazine. I used 8/4 maple to fabricate the various parts.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    The bottom section of the bed posts start out at 3 3/8" square by 36" long, and rough-turned on my lathe with the aid of copying attachments.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    The top section of the posts require a 3" square by 36" long turning blank, that will include a small finial on the end to finish it off.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    The posts are fluted and reeded using the lathe’s index head and a trim router equipped with dual bearing bits available from Lee Valley.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    Using a brush, I applied the finish to the bedpost parts before gluing the sections together. The finish starts with a coat of Benjamin Moore Royal Mahogany stain followed by one coat of Benjamin Moore Red Mahogany tinted poly. To complete the job, I applied several coats of clear gloss Minwax polyurethane.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    When it came to the head and footboard, I sprayed on the poly topcoat. Eight 3/8 -16 x 6" bed bolts hold the frame together.
Maple Four-Poster Bed
    All the finishing products were leftovers in the shop I was trying to use up. The Benjamin Moore products, almost full cans, were given to me by a neighbour and had been in the shop a few years. Project cost was around $200! I used 1/2 of the pile of 8/4 maple I bought for $328. The bed bolt covers were $18 from Lee Valley, and I spent $6 for the 3/8 -16 x 6" bolts and T-nuts.
. . . Bryan Cowing


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