Paul Flood's Chippendale Foyer Suite

Identical legs without a lathe.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Flood
LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

    I created this Chippendale mirror frame and table for our front hallway. Both pieces are walnut.
    I don't own a lathe so I turned the table legs using a jig that I saw in Patrick Spielman's
Router Handbook. The jig uses drill to turn the stock and a router to cut the taper on the spinning blank. The blank is mounted in an open box, with one end chucked in a power drill and the other end mounted in a brass bushing to allow the blank to spin evenly. The router is mounted in a sled with a point on the end that follows a template taped to the base of the box under the spinning blank. The tip of the router bit is even with the point on the end of the sled so the bit follows the pattern.
    I cut the table top to rough size, then trimmed it to its final shape by template routing with a top-bearing straight bit, sometimes called a pattern bit.
    The mirror consists of two frames nested together. To make the outer frame, I template-routed the rough shape and then used my coping saw to cut the finer details. I cut the inner frame with a multiple-profile router bit.

. . . Paul Flood




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