Dewitte Cage's Kitchen

A first project to remember.

SHOP OWNER: Dewitte Cage
LOCATION: Harrison, AR

     Here are some photographs of a set of kitchen cabinets that I made for a friend last summer. Being a newbie to woodworking, this is the first and only major project that I have tackled to this point.
     The lead photo shows a stack of three cabinets on the left that I constructed as a single unit. The three doors are connected so that, when one is opened, they all open. In the foreground you can see a small portion of the pre-finished oak floor that I just finished laying--another first for me.
Upper Cabinets

    In the photo at right, the large cabinet in the foreground and the two small ones over the range were constructed as a single unit. The large one houses a microwave oven which projects into the wall.
Opposite Side Of Room

    The cabinets are constructed of 3/4-in. oak plywood for the visible surfaces and seven-ply 3/4-in. fir plywood everywhere else. The face frames and raised panel doors are 3/4-in.-thick solid oak. The drawers are mounted on full-extension slides capable of holding 75 lbs. when fully extended.
    I am retired and living in Harrison, AR. I started woodworking as a hobby a couple of years ago. My shop is a one-car garage containing a Delta cabinet saw with a 52-in. rip capacity, a Grizzly 6-in. jointer, a Delta 14-in. bandsaw, a Delta floor-model drill press, a router cabinet I made from plans in the supplement to issue #1 of Shopnotes, four shop cabinets made from plans in issue #74 of Woodsmith, and a Powermatic dust collector. I made a sanding table that doubles as an outfeed for the table saw and a stand for my sliding compound miter saw.
    Needless to say, with the small space and all the equipment, working in my shop is a moving experience: Each time I finish one operation I have to move something to begin another.

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