Tim Berg's Table

A high-school teacher who makes Craftsman-style and vernacular furniture on the side.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

    I'm 30 years old, a full-time high school teacher, and a part-time woodworking "hobbyist." I'm one of those guys that has read every woodworking publication to come out since I was about 15, and know "how" to do everything--I just don't actually "do" much of it!
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    I also love to buy and sell used woodworking equipment. I think of it as rotating the stock in my shop. My shop (aka garage) is decked out with a Unisaw (sometimes two), a Delta radial-arm saw, two Delta 14" bandsaws, a Powermatic 15" planer, a Delta jointer, and lots of routers and other miscellaneous hand-power tools.
    I designed some furniture, including the pieces shown here, that I could knock out pretty quickly and make a good profit on. I haven't done much with my woodworking "business" to date. I would love to do it full time, and I think I could make a good living at it; but it's very tough leaving the consistent 3-4K a month I gross as a teacher. Sometimes my shop sits for months on end without a machine even being turned on. Working full time takes all the "creativity" out of me and I don't feel like doing much when I get home.
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     I'm hoping to make some changes so I can do more woodworking--maybe working half the time as a safety net--and see how things go. I would also love to write for a woodworking publication. I don't really know how to get an "in" to that business, but I think I'd be good at it.

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