Richard's Turnings
Some call it segmented work with a Southwestern influence.

SHOP OWNER: Richard Erickson
Santa Barbara, CA

    Segmented, or as I call it from my scroll saw days, 'bevel cutting', creations are my passion. Here are three of my most recent. The first is a feather-collared bowl that measures 8" X 8 1/4". Thirty two feathers comprise the collar. The materials are purpleheart, ebony, holly, and maple. I named it - "Broken Promises - US Genocide of the Navajo".
Richard's Turnings
    Next is the Ring of Feathers vase I named, "Sun/Creator". The materials are maple and padauk. It's not a Southwestern shape but I love turning vases. The measurements are 9 5/8" high by 4 1/4" wide.
Richard's Turnings
    Finally, this is "Coyote Tracks with Turquoise". The measurements are 3 5/8" high by 8 3/4" wide. The materials are maple, purpleheart, and turquoise. It features a typical Southwestern shape and symbol. It was a fun piece to spin and just watch the pattern go round.
. . . Richard Erickson


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