Paul's 1930 Duisenberg
This vintage Duisenberg was built almost entirely from scratch.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Blackwell
Newark, NY

    My latest project is a model of a 1930 Duisenberg car. The only purchased parts are the smaller driving lights, taillights, and steering wheel. Construction took many hours, with much of it spent just trying to figure out how to make the tiny parts. It took about eight separate steps to make the spoke wheels and required the construction of four special jigs to complete. The car measures about 19-inches in length.
Paul's 1930 Duisenberg
    In all, I used seven different species of wood on this one. The body and fenders are hard maple with purpleheart trim. The frame and trunk are mahogany and the wheels are walnut with whitewalls from holly. The display board is butternut trimmed in walnut. The plaque mount is padauk as is the bumper medallion.
. . . Paul Blackwell


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