Bryan's Workstations
These two shop-built workstations create much-needed workspace.

SHOP OWNER: Bryan Ayala
South Bend, IN

    I recently started doing my own woodworking in my home garage, but the first thing that I noticed was the considerable lack of space I had. I needed a work surface that could hold larger projects, yet be movable so that I could use the space for other things as well. I ordered a design for a bench-top tablesaw workstation, and then I modified it to suit my needs.
Bryan's Workstations
    For the first workstation, I modified the design, added three-inch wheels, and used the space to make an air compressor station and work surface.
Bryan's Workstations
    I added an electrical strip to make a center for my power tool use. This way I wouldn't have to keep it close to a plug and have to keep plugging and unplugging numerous tools.
Bryan's Workstations
    I used another design, along with the previous one, to build around my bench-top tablesaw and increase the cutting capacity. It went from a regular 12-inch wide cut to a 50-inch cut. I built the tablesaw workstation -inch taller and use the two as sister tables. Together the tables are a great work surface that allows me to cut entire sheets of plywood.
Bryan's Workstations
    On both projects I used MDF, except for the solid base, which is constructed of 2 x 4's. I purchased the plans from the Plans Now Website. The plans were originally designed to house a basic tabletop tablesaw and create a large table around it. Now these two tables are a pivotal workspace in my shop.
. . . Bryan Ayala


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