Walnut and Cherry Music Stand
Any musician would love this thoughtful gift.

SHOP OWNER: Joanne Adler
Point Pleasant, PA

    As a birthday gift for one of my band mates, who is a fulltime musician and performer, I decided to build a music stand. I seemed to recall they had a rather plain metal stand in their living room when I was last there. I wanted my stand to be adjustable in both height and angle, and have an area large enough for music to fit a book or score opened to two pages. For the design I took a few ideas I saw online and put them together with a few of my own.
Walnut and Cherry Music Stand
    The top is walnut with a cherry ledge. The legs are cherry, with a hickory middle column (they have hickory elsewhere in their house and I wanted to continue the theme). The pegs are walnut.
Walnut and Cherry Music Stand
    To adjust the height, there are holes in the legs and hickory stem every inch or so. All you have to do is pull out the pegs, slide the shaft up or down, and replace the pegs. Although using just two pegs would probably be fine, I think three is a better number and adds more stability.
Walnut and Cherry Music Stand
    Overall, Iím pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately, something dropped off my workbench on it during finishing and caused a ding. I tried to steam iron out the ding, which worked fairly well, but never could get the finish to match up again (it was just shellac, so I thought it would blend better than it did). Thereís a slight streak that is not the same in that area. But, since there will mostly be music on the stand, it wonít really show (you canít even see it in this picture). Of course, Iíll know itís there. I think next time something like that happens, Iíll either leave the ding or strip the whole face in question, and refinish completely.
Walnut and Cherry Music Stand
    My friend and her husband love it and have already put it to use. She says now they need to replace the rest of the furniture in the living room to make it as nice as the stand. HmmmÖ I hope she doesnít mean I need to build all THAT!
. . . Joanne Adler


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