Cowboy Sideboard
This cypress beauty brings a "Cowboy" flavor to the South.

SHOP OWNER: David Richardson
Lehigh Acres, FL

    I've been making a lot of projects lately out of cypress, primarily because of its relatively low cost compared to my favorite wood, white oak. I have been meaning to try my hand at the cowboy sideboard that was a featured New Yankee Workshop project not too long ago and a perfect project to make from cypress. It was modeled after a Molesworth sideboard that was shown in a resort in Wyoming. I really liked the design except I wanted it to look even more rustic than it did. The Molesworth only had exposed logs in the feet. I wanted the entire frame to be logs.
Cowboy Sideboard
    After I started I decided not to do the entire frame with logs, but instead to do the legs running the entire vertical length of the piece.
Cowboy Sideboard
    I ran the logs through the jointer a few times to get a flat spot. This would be used to keep them stable while running through the table saw using a dado blade.
Cowboy Sideboard
    I then made the frames and set them into the dadoes.
Cowboy Sideboard
    For the raised designs on the drawers and the doors, I chose a teepee with a rising full moon on one door and a Kokepelli flute player on the other. The drawers feature pairs of deer, bear, and cougar tracks.
Cowboy Sideboard
    I drew them out first then slowly whittled them out with the router.
Cowboy Sideboard
    A coat of dark mocha stain really makes them jump out. It really looks good, if I do say so myself. Even if its not perfect I just say, “Its a rustic design, it is supposed to be like that”.
. . . David Richardson


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