Mobile machines make the difference.

SHOP OWNER: Jerry Hydle
LOCATION: San Diego County, CA

    First, let me say I'm a tool junkie and I'm not ashamed of it. I started woodworking in 1952, when I took my first shop class. But it was many years before I could afford good tools or had a place to set up a shop. Now I'm making up for lost time. I thought other visitors to your site might be interested in the way I have handled having all these machines in my small shop.
     My first major machine was a Shop Smith with several accessories, and it was sufficient for a long time. With a multi-purpose machine like this, you have to plan your work carefully, and the tablesaw is marginal; but it got me through.
    About six years ago I really got the bug and started to replace my home-shop-quality tools with better stuff. My problem was--and is--space; my shop is a one-car garage with a small storage room attached to the back. To use all these tools I would have to devise a work-around plan.
    My solution was to put all the machines on mobile bases so I can drag the ones I need out into the driveway to get enough room to work. I've used several commercial bases, including:

    Besides these tools, I've got two benches, a drill press, a radial saw (in the back room), a small jointer, Rockwell lathe, rollaway toolbox, Leigh jig on a portable base, Delta Sharpening Station, Ryobi planer, a 3 hp air compressor and 2 shop vacuums--not to mention a water heater and a washer and dryer. I won't go into the hand tools and hand power tools stored wherever I can find room. Plus, there are two 4-ft.-wide x 6-ft.-high x 10-in.-deep cabinets full of goodies on one wall.
    I am a lucky man. Now, all I need is the time and the patience to develop the skills I need to put these wonderful machines to use.
...Jerry Hydle




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