Cherry Dresser
Measurements from a local offering guide in its reproduction.

SHOP OWNER: Douglas Recko
Stow, MA

    I recently completed this dresser for our middle daughter. We had seen this dresser at a furniture store in Gardner, MA for $1300 (for all you Mass/Southern NH woodworkers, Gardner is the place where they still make high quality, solid hardwood, dovetailed/etc furniture). Luckily I had my tape measure and a pad of paper with me and they let me take measurements. Mine is pretty close to the original.
Cherry Dresser
    It is all solid cherry except for the two sides, which are cherry plywood. I used maple as the secondary wood on the drawers. There are full dust frames between the drawers and they are dovetailed to the sides. The drawers are dovetailed on all four corners. I used my Porter Cable dovetailing jig and router to produce the dovetails. Also, if you look closely, you'll see that each course of drawer fronts are cut from the same board so that the grain runs across.
Cherry Dresser
    I had most of the wood already lying around but I did need to buy the cherry for the top, which I think ran me about $125. The finish is just satin poly. I think I applied three coats.
. . . Douglas Recko


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