American Elm Stool
The wood for these stools came from local trees.

SHOP OWNER: Richard Furnas
Coeur D Alene, ID

    Here are three Windsor stools that I made from homegrown trees. The wood for this American elm stool was obtained from some property when the county decided to widen the road. I felled a couple of trees and then seasoned them for three years to make this stool.
Yew Stool
    Yew is a highly figured hard wood so your tools need to be sharp. You can rough-turn the wood but you need to leave a lot of meat for the final turning because the wood will move a lot. Although Yew is extremely hard to find, it makes a beautiful piece of furniture.
Douglas Fir Stool
    A Douglas fir tree (red fir) went down in a windstorm a couple of year ago. One of the many pieces that I made out of this tree is this knotty stool, the wood of which was from the upper trunk of the tree.
    I make my stools 18-20 inches high and the seats are 16 inches in diameter. People like the wider seats because of the additional support. I start with 1-3/4 stock for the legs and stretchers, as I prefer larger nodes on them.
. . . Richard Furnas


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