Cherry Shaker Stool
A comforting place for resting feet.

SHOP OWNER: Scott Perry
Douglassville, PA

    About a year ago, my mother-in-law had a knee replacement. Recently, she was to have arthroscopy to remove scar tissue from that surgery, and a month later, another knee replacement. Knowing they have no recliners, I thought she could use a nice footstool to rest her feet on during her recovery. She loved the stool when we gave it to her today, and will be using it during her live-in convalescence.
Cherry Shaker Stool
    This turned Shaker stool is based on one Kerry Pierce made in Woodcraft Magazine a few years ago. It's made mostly from curly cherry, with some flat-sawn thrown in where I ran out of the curly stuff. The finish is padded on shellac while turning on the lathe, a finish I'd recommend highly.
Cherry Shaker Stool
    The seat is navy and beige Shaker tape, and both my kids got in on the weaving action.
Cherry Shaker Stool
    As I didn't want to waste much of the 8/4 and 6/4 turning stock, my dimensions are significantly fatter than Kerry's.
Cherry Shaker Stool
    Soliciting his input on how to mate the oversized rung ends with the posts so as to look reasonably attractive; we came up with a 1" diameter countersink at all the joints. This required a little planning and careful drilling, but worked well.
. . . Scott Perry


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