Convertible Crib/Bed
The final bed for the children saves the best for last!

SHOP OWNER: Larry Verhoff
Ottawa, OH

    My wife and I have three children and are now empty nesters. All three are married and have at least one child and all are doing great. I got to make the beds for all the grandbabies. Each bed I built was increasingly harder to make and all are posted here in Shop Shots. This is a sad day for me because itíll be the last bed to build. As much fun as I had building the childrenís beds, I guess Iíll have to move on to something else they may need.
Convertible Crib/Bed
    This bed was the most difficult for me, as I made everything of wood. By that I mean I made the curved rails while on the last one I bought them. At $70 I decided I could better use that money for something else. It took awhile to figure out how to shape the rails to look right.
    Another difficult aspect of this bed was their request for a drawer in the bottom for storage. Figuring a way to add a drawer, given the need for the front rail to go up and down smoothly and the need for the bed to break down and still work right, took some real doing.
Convertible Crib/Bed
    The bed later converts to a toddler and then to a young adult full size bed, so this one will be in use for quite some time to come. I really had a good time making all of them, which included a changing table with each one.
. . . Larry Verhoff


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