Hackberry China Hutch
This native hardwood's warmth and beauty take center stage.

SHOP OWNER: Fred Davis
Abilene, KS

    This china hutch is of my own design, such as it is. The two-piece cabinet measures about 84" tall by 66" long, and 16 " deep. The upper cabinet attaches to the base cabinet for obvious reasons.
    The interior of the upper cabinet features low voltage halogen lights. The lights are turned on and off, or raised and lowered by touching the bottom hinge of the upper left door.
    One unusual aspect of the cabinet lighting is we always know when a lightning strike occurs in the vicinity because the step-down transformer unloads and turns on the lights. We used to blame our poor cats for doing it until we actually saw it happen one time!
Hackberry China Hutch
    I selected solid native hackberry for this project. The finish I used starts with Porter Paint Teak Oil stain followed with CAB lacquer.
Hackberry China Hutch
    I purchased the polished brass pulls by LV, which matched our existing kitchen pulls. The hinges, Gerber lift-off solid polished brass, were expensive as hell but well worth it.
. . . Fred Davis


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