Mike's Woodshop
Five complete workshops cohabit this 2000 square foot "wing".

SHOP OWNER: Mike Louthan
Kingfisher, OK

    Some of you might remember me from back in late 2000. You were kind enough to post my previous shop's pictures in Shop Shot #171.
    Well, Iíve been at it again. This time, starting in 2005, my wife and I built a new house on two acres just outside of town. I was the architect, general contractor, and did most of the electrical and finish work myself. In reward for that, I integrated my shop(s) into the house. The total square footage is about 5500 with 2000 of it dedicated to my new workshops.
    The woodshop and electronics shop are both on one of the three HVAC units, so they stay comfortable year round. I have 400 amps of service with an additional 100-amp panel in the woodshop.
    In this shot, the wing, which extends out to the right to form the breezeway, houses the 700 square foot woodshop. The small garage on the other side of the breezeway houses the mechanical shop.
Mike's Woodshop
    Hereís the backside after you drive through the breezeway. The electronics shop is in the gable above. The breezeway makes unloading material easy.
Mike's Woodshop
    This is the woodshop interior with overhead compressed air, in floor dust collection, and lots of storage. That's my Grizzly 10" cabinet saw.
Mike's Woodshop
    Looking south reveals the miter bench and lathe stand.
Mike's Woodshop
    Grizzly tablesaw with outfeed table, and router mounted to the right, sharing the same fence.
Mike's Woodshop
    This is one of six overhead compressed air fittings.
Mike's Woodshop
    Drill press with custom table and storage, bandsaw with clamp storage, and my wife's hanging plants.
Mike's Woodshop
    Looking across my 4' x 8' assembly table youíll see the north wall with hand tools, clean storage cabinets, and audio gear for the stereo.
Mike's Woodshop
    Here is the west wall with my hand tools.
Mike's Woodshop
    This shows the 220VAC riser for the cabinet saw. I also have 220VAC in the garage for the dust collection.
Mike's Woodshop
    These are the electrical risers for the woodshop. The 120VAC and 220VAC supply lines run below the floor.
Mike's Woodshop
    I was sure to put in a laundry sink and cleanup area.
Mike's Woodshop
    I've got two of these drawer units that sit under my workbench. I built them from plans I found in a 1947 woodworking book.

    Above the woodshop is my electronics and photography area. This space has a great view to the east.
Electronics and Photography Shop  Electronics and Photography Shop

    This is my macro photography gear.
Macro Photography Gear  Macro Photography Gear

Mike's Woodshop
    All of my backpacking and climbing gear is stored here also.

    On the other side of the breezeway is the mechanical shop. Typically, I rebuild mechanical stuff here and generally do "messy things". It houses my lathe and a cheap mill.
Mike's Mechanical Shop  Mike's Mechanical Shop

Mike's Mechanical Shop  Mike's Mechanical Shop

    And finally, you have to have a place to work on your cars....... This is my automotive shop.
Mike's Automotive Shop  ike's Automotive Shop

ike's Automotive Shop  ike's Automotive Shop

. . . Mike Louthan


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