Patrick's Clock #3
This timeless masterpiece has thirty types of sawn veneers in the design.

SHOP OWNER: W. Patrick Edwards
San Diego, CA

    An English client who wanted “the works”, and had the good taste to make suggestions and critique the process commissioned clock #3. The case is beech and pine, covered in French and Italian walnut sawn veneers, with over thirty types of sawn veneers used in the marquetry design. All veneers were purchased from Patrick George in Paris.
Patrick's Clock #3
    The face was selected by the client and engraved in England. David Lindow at Hartwig Clocks in PA produced the brass works. I purchased the gilt mounts from Optimum Brass in London and the nitrate mercury gilt from Rennotte in Paris.
Patrick's Clock #3
    I had to make three complete drawings of the designs before cutting. All the marquetry was done using the "painting in wood " method (See February 2008 Woodwork Magazine for my article on this process, written while building clock #2). The background wood for the front marquetry panels is "ferrol", which was only used during the 17th century, and has no American name. It has a deep chocolate brown color and is more stable than Gaboon ebony.
. . . W. Patrick Edwards


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