Fred's Workbench
Straightforward construction combined with storage, outfeed use, and a strong flat work surface makes this bench a winner.

SHOP OWNER: Fred Davis
Abilene, KS

    Building this new workbench incorporated simple straightforward construction. I position it to also act as an outfeed table for my saw.
    This front view features the bank of drawers and two bench vises. The drawer fronts are coved and I accomplished this on my tablesaw by running the stock against a right angle fence and across the blade. The drawers are dovetailed maple mounted using fully extendable side-mount slides.
Fred's Workbench
    Here is an end view of the pedestalís tusked tenon construction. The tenon is formed on the connecting rail by leaving the center part of a three-piece lamination long enough to extend between the poplar stanchion pieces. Itís drawn tight against the shoulders of the outside rail with a 3/4" dowel, making a very tight and strong connection.
Fred's Workbench
    The backside of the drawer box features shelf storage for routers, etc. The top of the bench measures 36" wide by 96" long by 2 ľ" thick. It is from resawn oak I had left over from construction of some horse stalls and picked for clear pieces. The pieces for the top were ripped 2" wide and laid up in a Plano Glue Press. The top is finished with Watco Danish oil only. The rest of the bench is clear CAB lacquer.
. . . Fred Davis


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