Joaquin's Toolbox
This box features full-extension drawers without using metal slides.

SHOP OWNER: Joaquin Luna
Marbella, Spain

    This is my new toolbox. The hardwoods I used are oak, ash, sapele, and iroko. Since my main objective was to build it with classical methods, a unique feature of this box is that the drawers can be fully extended without the necessity of using ball bearing slides. To this end, I cut all the dovetails by hand.
Joaquin's Toolbox
    The finish consists of two coats of linseed oil followed by two coats of dark colored wax. The feel is warm, soft, natural, and it smells very nice. I believe in working with hand tools and I try to build with this in mind. I made this toolbox to hold my hand tool collection. Every drawer has partitions to fit the corresponding tool.
Joaquin's Toolbox
    The hardware was found locally where I usually buy most screws and other parts, and itís made like it was thirty years ago. Iím not a professional woodworker, but a simple hobbyist. My next project is to build a new wood shop. If I do, I will send the pictures.
. . . Joaquin Luna


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