Running For Their Lives
An extension of an earlier theme, this automaton is more complex.

SHOP OWNER: Charles Mak
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Back in October 2007 (Shop Shot #848), I built the “Moose Running” automaton. As an extension of that theme, I designed another piece in which more wildlife species are seen running for their lives. This time I went for two rows of animals and I added a bison and a deer to the herd. The crank handle remains bear-shaped, as in my previous project. With global warming and natural disasters in mind, I call the latest piece "Running For Their Lives" in the hope that it only happens in the automata world.
Running For Their Lives
    The technical challenge this time was to have two rows of figures driven by only one crank handle. I solved the problem with the use of a roller chain and two sprockets. The whole project took about 14 hours over a week or so to complete. As in many previous automata projects, I used mostly scrap materials so this one cost little to make. The roller chain and sprockets, which I ordered from a supplier in the States, were the main cost. All totaled, it was just $10 US.

    The video version has been posted at:

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