Pine Rocking Horse
Built from dimensional pine lumber, it's great for horsing around.

SHOP OWNER: George Williams
Olathe, KS

    Three years ago for Christmas I built an adult-size rocking horse for my granddaughter, Kaylee, who was 3 -years old at the time. I got the plans from Meisel Wood Products.
Pine Rocking Horse
    I constructed this project from dimensional pine lumber and made several embellishments to the original plans. I cut the saddle horn from the bottom of an old Victorian style table leg. I made the stirrups from walnut, using an antique metal riding stirrup as my pattern.
Pine Rocking Horse
    I purchased the leather pieces for the reins and stirrups from a local tack store to make it look as authentic as possible. To give the appearance of having a saddle girth, I used some 1/4" plywood and painted the hoofs with a dark brown varnish stain. The eyes are solid black marbles that are inset using a countersink bit and attached with epoxy. For much of the assembly, hardwood dowels were used to contrast with the lighter colored pine.
Pine Rocking Horse
    Once completed, I finished the whole thing with five coats of high gloss polyurethane that I sprayed on (lightly sanding between coats). I added this heirloom plaque that I had specially made for this piece.
Pine Rocking Horse
    My reward is shown in this photo! It goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune on exotic hardwoods to make a priceless heirloom!
. . . George Williams


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