Oak Baby Furniture
These oak beauties are sure to please.

SHOP OWNER: George Williams
Olathe, KS

    When my stepdaughter told me she was expecting a child, she asked if I would build a crib and a changing table from some plans that she and her fiancÚ found in a woodworking magazine.
Oak Baby Furniture
    They also wanted the set to be finished like some they had seen in a local furniture store. The finish was to be black with lighter stained rails to accent. I wasn't about to let one drop of paint touch a piece of oak, so I convinced them to let me use a black stain that would allow the natural wood grain to show through.
Oak Baby Furniture
    I used Solar-Lux Jet Black dye for the major portion of these two pieces and Minwax Provincial for the accents. I finished these pieces with four coats of Minwax Spray Satin Polyurethane and two applications of a finishing paste wax.
Oak Baby Furniture
    Since the finished product would be in direct contact with an infant, I didn't want to use anything that would be toxic and I did a lot of research beforehand. Although it doesn't say it on the cans, I was told by several sources that once fully cured, today's urethanes are non-toxic. In any case, Mama and the Baby Boy, Maxwell Scott Archibald - born July 22, 2007, are doing fine and Max seems to like his new crib!

    I must also say that after seeing the finished product, I like the color of the finish and I would not hesitate to use it again.
Oak Crib  Oak Changing Table

. . . George Williams


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