Walnut Cradle
Start with a need, find a plan, add wood, some skill, and you're in business!

Sussex, NJ

    Taken from the Heirloom Cradle plan offered by Shopsmith magazine, Iíve had this plan for a few years waiting for the right occasion to build this great looking period cradle. Several months ago I was told that a young couple, close friends of our family, were expecting a child in December and I felt it was a good time for this project.
    A very good friend of mine offered me some nice walnut planks. The first step in the process was to plane all four sides of these boards and take them down to ĺ-inch stock. The glue-up and cutout was very much straightforward. Now the assembly could begin.
Walnut Cradle
    I chose to use both the sapwood and the heartwood to get the flow of the wood. I did not want to have this piece be very dark in color. The two turnings between the rockers are of my own creation and very easy to do by eye. The construction was accomplished by following the instructions that lead you through the project step by step. As each step in the process brought me to the end of this project, it was rewarding to see that this was going to be a job worth doing and the visual proportions were very appealing.
    All that remains is to apply a hand-rubbed non-toxic oil finish to protect the wood and the new occupant. This project gave my son and I a great deal of satisfaction and it will soon be presented to our young friends. The new home for this cradle will be a farmhouse that was built in the mid 1700's.
. . . Jim Kyle

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim's son Kuhrt passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2007, of a heart ailment, before he could present his dear friends with this treasure that he so lovingly made for them. We all send our condolences to Jim and his family in their time of great sorrow.]


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