Yew Chair
This is a heavy-duty chair that sits very comfortably.

SHOP OWNER: Richard Furnas
Coeur D Alene, ID

    I have the good fortune of having some yew trees on my property here in Idaho. Yew wood is a hard and highly figured wood that displays a lot of character when finished. One has to make sure that the wood is well seasoned (roughly one year for every inch thickness of wood) or it will create a lot of problems with warping and shrinkage. Once the wood is seasoned, you can mill it like any other wood but even at this stage yew has a mind of it own.
    A couple of year ago I began to look at a slightly curved piece of yew wood that I had and I thought that it would make a nice crest rail for a chair. So recently, I decided that it was time to build a complete chair out of yew. Yew wood is known for its sap banding and flaws so I decided to utilize these in this piece of furniture. Also, it would allow me to use some wood that I would not know what to do with otherwise.
Yew Chair
    This is a heavy-duty chair that sits very comfortably. The pommel (raised section of seat at front center) is primarily for decoration but also helps the chair feel better when you are sitting in it. All of the tenons on this chair were turned on my lathe. Notice how the spindles, leg supports, and arm supports are made to oppose other sections of the chair to make the chair stronger. The chair seat is one and a half inches higher at the front than at the back. When you sit in this chair, the chair does not push you out of the seat. My criteria for a chair are that it is comfortable, ergonomic, and looks good. I think this chair satisfies all of these.
. . . Richard Furnas


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