Barrister Pen Display Stand
This display can stand alone or sit in a barrister bookcase.

SHOP OWNER: Charles Mak
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Many years ago, as a fountain pen lover, I was attracted to an executive pen stand carried by an American high-end stationary store. I clipped the catalog page off, wondering if I might one day collect enough fountain pens to justify my investment in the stand. Called a Barrister Pen Stand, it was listed for $129 US plus shipping and it could hold 27 pens, as seen in the catalog photo here. I never came remotely close to collecting that many fountain pens and the catalog page was buried among the hill of clippings I keep on all kinds of subjects.
Barrister Pen Display Stand
    In recent years I started turning pens. To store the pens I turn before they are given away, I have bought a leather pen case. Over the past long August 4th weekend, the pen stand idea sprang back into my thoughts. I could think of no better way to spend the last day of the long weekend than working on a barrister pen stand!
Barrister Pen Display Stand
    This barrister bookcase is one I built several years ago to display my collection of antique mechanical banks. It is based on one from The New Yankee Workshop.
Barrister Pen Display Stand
    To make the pen stand be more prominent in the bookcase, I applied a slightly different stain to the stand itself. Mine is similar to the one in the catalog in size but it has 41 slots - holding 14 more pens and it also has my initials on the front.
Barrister Pen Display Stand
    The pen stand idea can be easily adapted to a stand-alone pen stand display for those who do not have or want to build a barrister bookcase. It was fun completing this project over a few hours. My next project is to turn more pens so each and every pen slot is filled!

Dollars and Cents:

    Project materials - scrap oak wood / stain (honey pine Polyshade) left from previous projects: $0

    The laser-cut walnut letters for my initials: under $3

    A handcrafted pen stand that is no longer available from the original American store: Priceless

. . . Charles Mak


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