SMS Baden Lamp
This cherry desk lamp features part of a German battleship.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Clough
Muskego, WI

    SMS Baden was a Bayern class battleship of the German Imperial Navy during World War I. Her keel was laid in 1913 and she was commissioned in 1917, with a length of 591 feet, a beam of 98 feet and a draft of 31 feet. Her top speed was 22 knots.
    The Baden sported eight 15-inch guns in four turrets, sixteen 6-inch guns, and twenty-six 4-inch guns. A modern, well-built and well-designed ship, her class was the first to use the tripod mast. Although she saw little action, she took part in Operation Albion in 1918 against Russian shore batteries. She was saved from scuttling in Scapa Flow by beaching and later sunk in extensive gunnery testing by the Royal Navy in 1921.
SMS Baden Lamp
    A brass plate from the engine room of the SMS Baden was given to me in 1946 by Captain Parker Kemble, US Navy, Retired, who was seconded to the British Navy at the end of WWI and got the plate from the Baden. A friend of my family, Kemble was a wonderful man who made miniature steam engines in his excellent machine shop. The third floor of his house in Marblehead, MA was given over to his electric trains. I had planned for many years to make a lamp using the plate.
SMS Baden Lamp
    I decided to use an octagonal shape for the cherry base as a complement to the round brass plate from the Baden and to continue this on the column of the lamp. On the column and column base I used a vertical line on opposite sides to accentuate the vertical flow. With its edging, the lampshade repeats the cherry of the lamp.
. . . Robert Clough


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