Tall Case Marquetry Clock
A marquetry wizard unveils his latest amazing creation.

SHOP OWNER: W. Patrick Edwards
San Diego, CA

    I just completed another tall case marquetry clock and I thought I would share it first with my friends at WoodCentral. It is made like the last tall clock I made , but with some small differences.
Oblique view of Pat Edwards clock
    The works are the same; made by David Lindow at Hartwig Clock Co. in Pennsylvania. The case is veneered in olive sawn veneers. The marquetry has a wood background which is "ferrol" in French. There is no English name for this wood, as it was no longer used after the 17th century. It is not black, but dark chocolate brown, with visible grain, and makes a nice background for late 17th-century matquetry panels. All the veneers were sawn in Paris by Patrick George.
    The lenticle (round glass in the door) is added, as are the fretwork panels on the bonnet. The finish is simple shellac, brushed on with the excellent brushes sold by Tools for Working Wood, in New York.
    This clock sold for $30,000 and I have a new commission to make another. It takes about six months to make clocks like this. I could work faster if I were not getting so old. That's my only complaint.
. . . Patrick Edwards


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