John's New Router Table Setup

This setup brings a new meaning to combination machine!


    This is my new router table I'm in the process of finishing. It started out as a Rockwell over-arm router (or overhead pin router) I got off of eBay several years ago. I got it pretty cheap since it was missing the original cast iron top and was replaced with a cheesy particleboard sink cutout. I already had a sheet of 1" thick micarta that I had picked up from Boeing Surplus and was hoarding for a future project. I mounted the micarta to the over-arm router and used it that way for several years.

    Recently I bought a second shaper for the shop and it was getting crowded in here. I also wanted to get another router table to replace the old one that was starting to get beat up. It was then that I had an inspiration to combine the new router table and the over-arm router into one unit, trash the old router table, and place the new shaper where the over-arm router used to be.
    I purchased Rocklerís large aluminum router plate and mounted it into the table (lots of fun routing through 1" thick micarta). The plate is mounted into the routed recess and I drilled and tapped 1/4-20 holes at each corner and screwed in 1/4-20 brass bolts for plate leveling.

John's New Router Table Setup

John's New Router Table Setup

    The over-arm router fence is an old Delta small shaper fence, mounted with 5/16 studs threaded into the micarta top. The under table fence is a Jessem Master fence and the mounting rails are secured with 10-32 screws, threaded into the bottom of the tabletop. The white box on the lower left is a 220v contactor for the over-arm and next to it is a 110v switch for the under table router and shop vacuum.
    I have to use this for a while now to figure out where I want to attach a power feeder for the under table router. Since I build a lot of tables, it works a lot better with a feeder when routing the edges of a 40" sofa table.

. . . John Luke



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