Table and Chairs

A couple of "old guys" having more fun!

SHOP OWNER: Rick Phillips

    This is from the two 'ole guys' just having more fun here in North Louisiana. I thought you might like to see what could be done with some more of this spalted stuff that we have here. It just seems to be getting bigger and better and we've got a lot of it. Click Here to see our earlier Shop Shot.
    Here is a table and chairs that I just completed. I started with a slab of quarter-sawn spalted sycamore for the table that was about 4" thick by 22" wide and about 9 foot in length. My partner, Doctor Sanderlin, then split it to make a book matched set for the tabletop. I used quarter-sawn American red gum for the trim, breadboards, and trestle. The pins are persimmon, stained with dark walnut stain. The finish is done with a satin poly. The chairs are done in the same material as the table to get a matching set.
    This is the first time I have ever built chairs and a table like this. I somewhat used the Arts & Crafts and Mission styles all in one. I also put some of my own ideas to work. The table was not that difficult, but the chairs were the real challenge. (Had to dig deep in the little ole black hat of tricks!) I got a good workout on joinery techniques here. In the end, the chairs came out to my liking, and for wood chairs they are quite comfortable. They are very sturdy and have a noticeable weight to them. I think they will outlive me! Now everybody wants a set, but the material is once in a lifetime and that’s what makes them unique.
Game Table

    The game table is seen here in the second shot made from spalted wormy hickory with curly white oak legs, stained in dark walnut for some contrast. It measures about 40" by 40". It is finished in satin poly.

    This shot shows just some of the stuff we have here in the shop to work with. There are about two more barns full of it. Just maybe Doc and I will have enough for a lifetime – at least that's our intentions. It's kind of our retirement plan… know what I mean? Hope ya'll like what you see and maybe we will have something more to share in the near future.

Equipment and Lumber

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