Wastebasket Holder Project

A quick project allows time for beautiful vistas.

SHOP OWNER: Charles Mak
LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Many projects are billed as weekend projects (Norm Abram's came to mind), but as many woodworkers know, real weekend projects are few and far between. I did come across one, finishing the whole project from research (design) to production to delivery in one single day of about 6 hours.
    Recently my house underwent a small renovation project: replacing the carpeted floor with solid hardwood floor. After the hardwood floor was put in, my wife and I balked at the sight of our plastic wastebasket in the family room - quite an odd man out on a hardwood floor, we thought. Over the past weekend, we came up with the idea of making a wastebasket holder, using the scrap tiger wood to help the basket blend in with our new hardwood floor.
Wastebasket Holder Project

    We didn't just want a square box as a holder; we checked out some wood planter designs and borrowed one of their concepts. Here you can see the basket by itself on the hardwood floor.

    To avoid chipping when cutting the pre-finished hardwood, tape the pieces (the masking tape trick) along the cutting line before you cut, as shown in one of the two work-in-progress pictures.

Wastebasket Holder Project  Wastebasket Holder Project

The Rockies

    Finally, no matter how much we enjoy our new floor and our basket holder, we still love looking out our window and taking glimpses of the beautiful Rockies, especially in the morning. The snow-capped mountain picture shown here was taken the next day (a week into spring) after the weekend project was completed.

. . . Charles Mak



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