Robert's New Shop

Putting together a new shop begins with the machinery.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Hayes

    At 36, Iíve been building custom homes for the last ten years. In most cases we set up a small shop on site to custom build all the interior woodwork for the home. The site shop consists of a small shaper, jointer, planer, and table saw. We use a one-bag dust collector on wheels and move it from tool to tool. With my new shop and equipment I know I will be able to give my customers a much better product by building it here with industrial tools. Transporting it to the job site will not be a problem.
    Working with wood is a passion of mine dating back as far as I can remember. When I was five I talked my grandmother into letting me build a "fort" at our camp on the water. I told her that it didn't matter that a box of #10 finish nails was all she could find. They held it all together until it came time to put on the roofing. The whole thing ended up on the ground with me on top of it. When my grandmother heard the crash and came running out to see if I was ok, I was already in the process of putting it back together. I have been living by those standards ever since -- "If you try and fail, try again but don't try it the same way". She drove 35 miles to get me some framing nails!
    I plan to keep building houses for at least the next ten years. I will be adding more tools to the shop every chance I get. My plan is to get into fine furniture and custom pieces. I call it a job, but I think it is much more of a passion for me. My wife is a manager at a large bank. We are toying with the idea of her becoming the shop forewomen. I think it would be a lot less stress on her and could be good for the business.
Robert's New Shop

    I put a lot of thought into the shop layout and tool placement. Having set up a small shop on site several times, I've learned a lot. I have never seen two shops that looked the same or were used for the same things. I came up with something that will work for me and that is what matters.
Robert's New Shop

    It all starts in the shop and some of it ends up in the dust collection. I chose a G0441, 3-HP Cyclone Dust Collector with a remote switch for this. This allows me to put it in the back room and not have to take up my main work floor. I ran 6" SDR for max performance to all the tools.
Robert's New Shop

    A good jointer is a must for any shop. I will be using a G0609 12" Parallelogram Jointer with 4-knife cutterhead to edge and face joint. If a board has a cup or twist on the face, I will take it out with my jointer before I send it to the thickness planer.
Robert's New Shop

    My G1033X 20" 5-HP Spiral Cutterhead Planer is the best thickness planer that I have ever seen in action. It really gets the job done.
Robert's New Shop

    The table saw is one of the tools that I use the most in my shop. I built an outfeed table for my G1023SLX 10" Table Saw 3-HP single-phase 220V left-tilt with 7' rails. This allows me to mill 4' x 8' sheets of material with ease.
Robert's New Shop

    With my G9933 Three Spindle Shaper I have eliminated the waiting time when setting up knives. I have everything setup and it stays set up for making a raised panel door. The doors consist of stiles rails and raised panels. I can go back and remake a door part at any time without having to change or readjust the knives.
Robert's New Shop

    My G0512 Edge Sander with wrap-around table is a tool that I have never had in the shop before. I'm looking to save some time with this tool.
Robert's New Shop

    What started out as a dream has turned into reality, thanks to Grizzly Tools. The first job for my wife, should she decide to join in on the fun, is to repaint the shop. That shade of green doesn't go with my new tools!

. . . Robert Hayes



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