Chess Table

Adding a table to teach a new generation the game of chess.

SHOP OWNER: Michel Hawkes
LOCATION: Brighton, MI

    I built this chessboard about ten years ago. The 2-inch squares are Peruvian walnut and hard maple. Through the years it was stored in many a closet. Recently I dug it out and decided that I would incorporate it into a table so that I might teach my young children the art of chess.
Chess Table

    The border around the table accents the Bolivian rosewood chess pieces, which were a gift. The table apron is a strip of birdseye maple sandwiched between two narrow strips of rosewood. I left a blank opening on a piece of apron during glue-up to fit the drawer box I made. The drawer box is comprised of a rosewood face, curly maple sides, and ambrosia for the bottom. The legs are three pieces of hard maple, 2 square. I love contrast between the exotic import and American hardwoods.
Chess Table

    The knob, which everyone tells me I must have been insane to build, is made of American walnut and hard maple squares, approximately 1 x 1. The finish is one coat of sealer and four coats of clear lacquer to bring out the natural beauty and natural characteristics of the different wood species (i.e. knots, checks and worm holes).

. . . Michel Hawkes



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