Oak Regulator Anniversary Clock

A Regulator style wall clock marks a special anniversary.

SHOP OWNER: George Dart
LOCATION: Havertown, PA

    To celebrate their fifth anniversary, my #2 son, Eddie, asked me to make a Regulator style wall clock as a surprise gift for his bride, Susan. After reviewing potential catalog and on-line sources for plans and movements, Ed decided to place an order for The Royal Windsor plans from Murray Clock Co. of Ontario Canada. He also bought the movement at the same time. They arrived in October, in plenty of time for an intended Christmas gift. Ed asked me to use the same wood and finish employed in a Grandmother clock I built for my wife to celebrate Christmas 2005 (Shop Shot 769). I had a stash of beautiful quarter sawn white oak, which was just enough to complete Sue's gift.
    I used one application of ZAR oil based cherry surface stain for color and tone. It was well rubbed before being sealed with a coat of Seal Coat shellac. I top-coated it with satin polyurethane, rubbed out, and followed by Minwax dark finishing wax.
Oak Regulator Anniversary Clock

    My #3 son, Ken, gained the hinges so the doors closed properly. Each door is held in place with a single rare earth magnet and cup set from Lee Valley. I had enough of the quarter-sawn white oak to be able to omit the glass panels in the lower frame. I believe the solid sides result in a much richer chime and the clock speaks every thirty minutes. Ed bought a Hermle spring drive, 17-day movement. He wanted the clock to match one pictured on the Murray Clock Website, but decided he couldn't truly afford the required lyre pendulum. I decided to supply that as a Pollyanna Christmas gift for both of them. Murray clock provided another movement, which was compatible with the lyre pendulum, and the project came together "in time"!

. . . George Dart



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