Good for the Soul

A weekend of turning is good for the soul.

by Ellis Walentine
LOCATION: David Ellsworth's Shop
                        Quakertown, PA

    Once in a while, you need to get away. At least, thet's what I figured when I signed up for a weekend of turning at David Ellsworth's shop in nearby Quakertown, PA.
Log Runner
    David is a gracious host. He and his wife Wendy cook three squares a day for his students, and he accommodates them in other ways too, such as his free delivery of the log of your choice.
Gene Gillespie
     My fellow classmate, Gene Gillespie, drove up with his wife, Dorothy, from their home in Cumberland, VA, for the three-day session. Gene is already an experienced turner, but he wanted to refine his skills with lessons from a master. He sure seems to be having a lot of fun.
Roughing It Out
     For my part, I'm being pleasantly spoiled, working on one of David's Poolewood lathes from England. I'm not used to being able to swing a chunk as large as this ash log. My dear departed J-Line lathe only had a 12" capacity; this one handles 20", and it's all electronic. What a lathe!
Gettin'There!      As things wound down on Sunday afternoon, Gene and I were tired but happy. Both of us had learned a great deal about wood, tools and technique; and both of us had several nifty bowls (vessels?) to show for our weekend of hard work.Gene had already loaded his trophies in his truck when I took these pictures, but they were very nice, especially the small, curly maple hollow vessel he turned on Sunday.
Fruits of LaborsMaster and Students
     Sometimes you just need to get away and recharge the batteries. I figured I had reached that point. This weekend is the ultimate attention diverter for me; you ought to try it sometime. You can contact David Ellsworth to inquire about weekend classes or Poolewood lathes  HERE.

. . . Ellis Walentine




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