Pallet Wood Frame

Using inexpensive or free materials for your projects can be rewarding.

SHOP OWNER: Charles Mak
LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Shop Shot #500 featured some projects in which members used 2 x 4 lumber as their raw materials. Indeed, sometimes cheap or even free lumber can be the perfect material for our woodworking projects. In a few of my own projects, I used lumber that cost me nothing.
    I used boards salvaged from pallets to make this Calgary Stampede Poster frame and the rustic-looking US Post Office Box Door banks. (The combination doors used in the 70ís have been replaced with the modern key doors.)
US Post Office Box Door Banks

    I got the discarded pallets from a woodworking store. Other stores (Staples, e.g.) also discard some of their pallets and give them away free to whoever asks. So do ask if you want a free lunch.

    The base for the 'drinking men' automaton is made from a single pallet board. (Turn the crank; the two drinkers will lift up their cups to their mouths alternately.)
    The 'Walkies' is mainly made from driftwood I picked up from a trip to a lake. (Turn the crank, the dog will appear to be running - his legs go up and down as the big wheel turns.)

    Not all driftwood or pallet boards are the same and you can cherry-pick the kind that suits your projects or taste. Sometimes woodworking is about looking for new ideas, which includes finding or using lumber or materials that may be unusual but engaging!

. . . Charles Mak



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