Whatever Clock

A Whatever Clock keeps shop time enjoyable.

SHOP OWNER: Charles Mak
LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Ever wonder why some woodworkers are the best time managers in the world? Some of us have a trade secret: we simply build clocks that make time not matter anymore - the Whatever Clocks, that is! With this new clock working for me, I won't be a time slave again for the rest of my life - at least not while I'm in the workshop!
Normal Clock

    I really liked the idea that time (keeping) doesn't really matter in the workshop. When we spend our time in our shop, we should focus on doing what we love to do and worry about nothing else, lest about time. Let our wives, families, girlfriends, and maybe even our grandchildren worry about our lunch and / or dinner meal!
Whatever Clocks

    Here are four Whatever Clocks I've built in two slightly different versions. I only planned to make two such clocks: one for myself and one for a good friend of mine. But after seeing a picture of them, my daughter, who lives in a different time zone, immediately put her claim on one!
    With these circumstances, I was short one Whatever Clock I planned for my workshop. A little jolt of creativity suddenly came to my rescue when I realized the leftover circular cut-outs (the two big rings) could actually make two more clocks if I just threw in two scrap backboards and additional clock movements. Thatís exactly what I did and two more Whatever Clocks were born over the Thanksgiving weekend last week.

. . . Charles Mak



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