Oak Bookcase Headboard

This new bookcase headboard meets all the requirements.

SHOP OWNER: Johanna Johanson
LOCATION: Placitas, NM

    The requirements for this headboard were: I needed a place to keep my telephone and clocks, a place for reading material, I wanted to be able to lean on the headboard comfortably to read in bed, I wanted to utilize a piece of stained glass art in it, and I wanted something that would harmonize with our Pueblo-style home.
Oak Bookcase Headboard

    My solution is this bookcase headboard that has some closed compartments, which are angled to provide a comfortable backrest. The wood is red oak, and the design includes some stair-stepped end panels that tie in with other such designs in our home. The center section holds the stained glass art and has backlighting to illuminate it. Under the center section is a compartment that houses two power strips. There are strategically placed holes with grommets to allow wiring for clocks, radio, phone, lights, etc. The finish is water-based lacquer. The dimensions are 56" x 76" x 12" (10" at the top).
    This shot shows the outside framework the first time it was dry assembled. The top board is held to the sides with through wedged tenons. The bottom board connects with half-blind dovetails. This rascal will NEVER come apart!
Oak Bookcase Headboard

    This is the final dry fitting with all the partitions and the stained glass in place. The red bands are band clamps that I was using to hold everything firmly -- I probably did not need them. The vertical partitions are held in tapered sliding dovetails. The horizontal shelves are in stopped dados.
    I painted the back of the stained glass compartment with high gloss white paint. There are two air vents at the top of the compartment. They are covered with black cloth so light does not shine through them. The glass rests on an inside frame that is screwed to the vertical partitions. The outside (visible) frame is simply pushed into place. This allows me to remove the outside frame and the glass if I ever need to replace a light bulb. The lights are ultra-thin micro-fluorescent fixtures that are attached to the top and bottom of the back of the inside frame. They are only about 3/4" thick, but are about 20" long.
Oak Bookcase Headboard

    In this shot you can see the electrical setup.
Oak Bookcase Headboard

    This end view shows a bit of the base cabinet. The base cabinet is a plywood box with solid oak face frames and doors. It is used for storing extra pillows and comforters.

. . . Johanna Johanson



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