Curly Maple and Lacewood Quilt Rack

Jigs and template routing create this beautiful quit rack.

SHOP OWNER: Dewayne Baker
LOCATION: Vacaville, CA

    When I decided to build a quilt rack for my cousin as a Christmas gift, I looked at commercial quilt racks on the Internet but could not find anything that inspired me. I like to look for challenges in projects and enjoy making unique things. I went to work sketching ideas and drew this curved shape that pleased my eye. I wanted to make a frame and panel design using lacewood and curly maple. My cousin was kind enough to send me a picture of the quilt rack in place with a couple of quilts on display.
Quilt Rack Jig

    I started by making a one-piece full size template and laid out locations for the mortise and loose tenon joinery. I routed slots in the template that will guide the router using a bushing to create precise mortises for the quilt support stretchers. I then laid the template on a piece of plywood that I refer to as a storyboard. I traced the shape on the storyboard and worked out the angles and dimensions for the pieces of lacewood that would form the curved frame.

  Quilt Rack Jig

    I cut the pieces to size and rout the mortises. I then dry fit the pieces together and trace the pattern on my stock. Next, disassemble the pieces and rough cut only the shape on the interior side at the band saw. Then reassemble the pieces dry with the tenons in place, dry clamp the assembly, and tack it all together with scraps of waste and brads in the outer areas that will be cut away later when the outside of the frame is shaped. I also attached some angled pieces to aid in clamping the assembly.
Quilt Rack Jig

    Using double stick tape, I place the template onto the assembly and rout the interior shape with a flush trim bit. With the assembly still together, I rout a 1/4" grove to receive the panel. I also rounded over the interior slightly.
Quilt Rack Jig

    Now with the interior of the frame complete, I disassemble the dry fit pieces, install the panel, and glue it up. When the glue has cured, I cut and shape the outside of the frame giving it a round over as well. Now I have my curved frame and panel shape.


  Quilt Rack Jig

    The stretchers and feet are attached with mortise and loose tenon joinery. The finish is an oil and poly mixture.

Finished Quilt Rack
. . . Dewayne Baker



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