Stanley 45 Plane Case

A home for a vintage Stanley #45.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Clough

    In March 2006, I built this case to house a Stanley 45 plane and all its cutters. I used cherry for this case and dovetailed the corners. The wood the plane sits on is pine. I made the stand for the various blades removable but the sash and tonguing tool holder is permanent. I keep the slitting tool attached to the plane.
    I have used the plane in the past and plan to again. Considering the age of the plane, the blades are amazingly sharp, which indicates, along with the obvious lack of wear on the body itself, that it saw limited use. I have sharpened a few of the blades and shall eventually do them all. Sarah is not sure she will allow me to keep the case in the shop!
Stanley 45 Plane Case

    The Stanley nameplate affixed to the front of the box came with the plane. I do not know if it was with the plane when originally sold. I attached it to the box because it has the “Sweetheart” symbol (an SW inside a heart).
Stanley 45 Plane Case

    I purchased this plane in 1998 at the Antique Flea Market in Elkhorn, WI. The decorative casting on the body of the plane as well as the type and number of blades or irons and other accessories, indicates the plane was made between 1895 and 1905. The 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue listed “Stanley’s Patent Adjustable Beading, Rabbet and Slitting Plane” with 10 plow and dado bits, 7 beading tools, a sash tool, tonguing tool, and a slitting blade. The plane sold for the grand sum of $4.60. This plane has all of the above accessories as well as two short arms, beading stop, and extra spurs. In 1905, Stanley changed the decorative casting and added a few additional blades.

. . . Robert Clough



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