Changing Table

This is a clever design for changing needs.

SHOP OWNER: Dewayne Baker
LOCATION: Vacaville, CA

    This baby’s changing table features quarter-sawn white oak with curly mahogany veneered side panels and purpleheart pulls. I borrowed the design shapes from a set of baby furniture my wife wanted from a catalog. When the changing table is no longer needed, the design allows this piece to convert into a chest of drawers.
Removable Front Rail

    This photo shows the removable front rail. The rail attaches with mortise and loose tenon joinery. I glued the tenons into the rail only. They are dry fitted into the face frame. When the time comes, the front rail can be removed and a hardwood top installed as well as three more drawers.
Drawer Pull Detail

    I struggled a bit for a pull design and scrapped my first attempt after spending hours on them. After that, I came up with a quick solution. I made these purpleheart pulls using a 2-1/8" forstner bit at the drill press. Next, I clamp the rough pull in a vise and refine the shape using files, rasps, and sand paper. To receive the pull, I used a router to cut a 3/8" wide inlay channel into the drawer face. Then I cut the elliptical recess out using a router, shop-made template, and guide bushing.

. . . Dewayne Baker



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