Ash Rocker

Design changes please the eyes and the back.

SHOP OWNER: Bruce Brown
LOCATION: Knoxville, TN

    I've completed three more bentwood rocking chairs since posting my "BKB Bentwood Rocker" (shop shot #435). Shortly thereafter, I started a part-time woodworking business, still working in my two-car garage.
Maple Rocker

    These rockers are more refined than the first one. One is ash, one is maple, and the third is cherry. The first thing you will notice, besides the finishes, is that I replaced the "J" handles at the top of the back stiles with a back that slightly curves. A fellow rocking chair maker and a few other folks commented that the "J" handles reminded them of the old wooden wheelchairs, which prompted me to use the redesigned stiles I already planned on trying.

    The ash and maple have the same type of stiles and sculpted crest rail. All three have an outdoor Scandinavian Tung Oil applied as the final finish. The ash rocker has a golden oak stain and tung oil finish.

Ash Rocker   Maple Rocker

    The cherry rocker has a further modification of the back and my first time using laminated slats. There are eight slats instead of six, which was another design option I had wanted to try.

Cherry Rocker

Cherry Rocker

    One of the interesting aspects of the back on the cherry rocker is that the depth of the crest rail, from the front of the stiles to the front of the crest rail, is about 2-1/8 inches. When making sure the bottom of the slats were parallel to the seat plane, the result was the slats being closer together at the base of the seat than at the crest rail. Its not only comfortable for the back; it resulted in an interesting and pleasing change to the overall appearance. In this case, in order to achieve the depth the customer wanted it to have, I laminated the crest rail instead of sculpting it.

    If youd like to see more of my work, please visit my Website: BKB Woodworks.

. . . Bruce Brown



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