Six Board Chest

Carving adds flair to a simple six-board chest.

SHOP OWNER: David Richmond
LOCATION: Port Huron, MI

    This is my second blanket chest with a carved lid. I made this one for a co-worker that has a brand new niece, Gracie. It's made of white pine from a design I picked up at a colonial reenactment here in Port Huron. The plan is called a six-board blanket chest and is just that, five boards for the box and one for the lid. It's about 18 x 18 x 34. The side boards extend beyond the bottom of the chest to make the legs. The original plan called for nails and glue, but I always get glue everywhere and it screws up the finish. Therefore, I used screws and button plugs, which I think adds to the look.
    I have made many projects that have many flat panels and I always wanted to try to embellish the panels with some sort of carving. So, after some guidance from a fellow at Home Depot, I started chip carving. After about an hour of practice I was satisfied with my ability. The patterns came from a chip carving book. I picked what I liked, drew it up on paper, and then laid it out on the lid. I might have two to three hours in the top. Chip carving is easy - try it!
Six Board Chest

    I left the inside unfinished but the outside is Minwax Early American stain with three coats of gloss polyurethane. The hardware is simply a piano hinge with a chain to support the lid. The inside does have a rail to support a 15 x 15 box type drawer that is also unfinished.
    The lumber came from a white pine tree that the wind blew over on my property. I had it cut into one-inch thick boards so the finished boards were about 7/8, which makes for a very generous look. It's a pretty simple blanket chest, but then so are most of my woodworking projects.

. . . David Richmond



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