Jim Hatton's Entertainment Center

A cabinet triptych for the serious audio/videophile.

SHOP OWNER: Jim Hatton
LOCATION: Silver Spring, MD

    Here are three shots of my latest project -- an entertainment center for our living room. The main media cabinet is made up of three modules fastened together with breakdown fittings. The side modules are 18 in. wide x 16 in. deep and designed to hold the components. The three upper drawers pull out individually to store CDs. The bottom shelves hold my LP collection. The upper shelves hold videotapes. The center module is 34 in. wide x 24 in. deep and is designed to hold the 32-in. TV. Above the TV is a space for the center speaker. It's flanked by two storage drawers. Above that is a deep storage space for videotape and cassettes. The bottom space has a pull-out tray for my grandson David's Nintendo 64 and is flanked by LP storage.
     The modules are constructed of oak veneered plywood with taped edges. The painted top is one piece and is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). The toekick is covered in black formica.
    The 18" wide x 16" deep speaker cabinets were made to hold the two large Pioneer front speakers. The six upper drawers pull out individually to store CD's. The bottom shelves hold books, manuals and such. IThe speaker cabinets are built like the entertainment unit itself, except I used black vinyl baseboard around the bases.

...Jim Hatton

Left Speaker CabinetRight Speaker Cabinet




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