Don's Arlington Box

Walnut, bubinga, and brass adorn this special project.

SHOP OWNER: Donnie Stowe
LOCATION: Greensboro, NC

    I have been working wood since about 1949 when I worked for a small shop specializing in custom-made dining and bedroom furniture. After about eight years, I decided to move on to a career in law enforcement and security. I dabbled in woodworking a bit through the years, but after retiring, I got back into it on a larger scale. I have made a large variety of objects, most of them given away. I like clocks and small tables as well as turnings.
    This walnut cinerary receptacle, trimmed in bubinga with brass fittings, measures 9 by 9 inches and is 12 inches tall. I made the Arlington box at the request of one of my best friends, whose son-in-law died last year from cancer. He lived in Florida until his death. As he was to be interred at Arlington, the family wanted a nice receptacle for the ceremony. They held the service in April of 2005 and carried the remains by hand to Arlington. Interestingly enough, the specifications of the niche were off by a small amount, requiring the honor guard to produce a screwdriver to remove a piece of metal track from the front of it. After placing the box in the niche, the track was re-installed and the niche sealed.
    I feel proud that my work was chosen to honor this veteran of our armed forces and that it will be there, although out of view, for many generations to come.

. . . Donnie Stowe



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